Tuesday, July 1, 2008

triathlon = run, bike, (SWIM :S)

So today, me and kris went to the pool to swim laps.. yeah my favorite thing in the world, NOT! this has undoubtedly been the hardest part of trying to get ready to do a triathlon. I abhor swimming.. kinda sad since i was like a lifeguard for however many years and such but i really, really don't like swimming. I would so rather do a run bike run, then do a run bike swim :P haha even when me and kris were little though i didn't love swimming much. (i loved swimming at the pool tons! just not swim lessons) I remember we took swim lessons together ever since we were little and especially in our last year when we were in the top level we were the best in our class! the fastest and they told us we should do swim team the next year. well I will let you all in on a little secret. I wasn't the best because i was a good swimmer, i was one of the best because my sister was and since she was my "little" sister i was determined to not let her be better then me! :D haha. im serious! I worked so hard to try and keep up with her because I am competitive and was SO relieved when i couldn't do swim team the next summer with her because I had just moved onto Jr. Company at studio one which meant dance in the mornings during the summer! (not all the teams at the studio go during the summer only the jr. teen. and sr.) but now.. well let just say that i've given up on competing with her now. it is a known FACT that kris could out-swim me any day :P every time we go swim laps she totally kicks my butt haha although im getting better :) i just have like this underlying fear of drowning. I dont know why! i've been swimming like my whole life! swim lessons were a priority growing up so i shouldn't be afraid of drowning because i know how to swim but i still am. i think i overthink everything. meh oh well she'll just have to keep dragging me to the pool! maybe one day i'll be good at swimming again :D *for those of you who are now fearing for the lives of their children after reading this blog about how i hate swimming, know that they make sure lifeguards can swim well enough to save drowning children. but swimming well enough to do that and swimming well enough to continually swim lots and lots of laps consecutively is a lot different so fear not. the lives of your children are in good hands ;) *

i wish i had a picture of us swimming when we were little but all those pictures are on my dad's computer and im too lazy to try and locate them, so this is a pic of me and kris after swimming in cancun. basically the ocean destroyed our hair thats what MONSTER waves tend to do. but we love swimming and playing together! (as long as it doesn't involve laps)


Mike Nelson said...

swimming laps! good job! :)

Teli said...

Well said.