Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Molly Experiment

So my little gerbil molly that i got just before wes left on his mission is nuts!! seriously! I swear she is controlled by an evil spirit or something! she is the HARDEST thing to catch ever and once you do catch her she'll either pee on you or try to escape as fast as she can :P sheesh. and the pet store guy said that gerbils were friendlier then hamsters... well let me tell yall that it isn't true! so dont believe it! I mean all i wanted was a little mans best friend (well ok... so the parentals dont allow dogs or cats which pretty much left hamster or gerbil) and i have had 2 hamsters before that i loved, but he convinced me that i would like the gerbil alot more, so i trusted him. Well have any of you had gerbils? were they nuts like molly or is molly just insane? haha cause seriously she trys to eat through her metal bars and dig through the plastic bottom of her cage. Nate and I decided we had to take matters into our own hands. We are so desperate that we now have molly listening to classical and piano music to try and tame her wild spirit :D so far it seems to be working? only who really knows? maybe the noise just scares her which is why she quietly sits inside her little wood house instead of eating the metal bars :P aw well better then the awful sound of gerbil teeth scraping metal bar!

Secondly, I will post a few of the pics that my sister Kristin took of the family in lake powell last week so that you can all better understand my pain and agony of having to stay behind.

while at home i missed...
the beautiful sunsets of lake powell!!!
(josh and christie)

crazy tubing
(josh, shay, and andrew)

naps up in the front of the boat :)
(josh and kristin, aww..)

6 am ski runs on the glass water while the sun rises!
(mom skiing)

watching my brothers and josh attempt tricks on the wakeboard.
(josh back flipping)

being goofy with the fam!
(shay and nate the super heros!)

man sometimes growing up and having responsibilities is no fun at all :D haha have a great day everyone!!!

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