Sunday, July 27, 2008

Family Day :)

I love Sundays. There is nothing better then sunday naps and family time!!! Our newest sunday tradition is that after church the whole fam makes pancakes :D yum! my personal favorite is banana wheat pancakes (we have the best recipe so good! credit to aunt jennifer) we usually add blueberries/chocolate chips or put cut up strawberries and bananas on top its delish. Then everyone usually crashes into bed for an hour or two of nap time! then the rest of the day is spent playing games together or just whatever spontaneous thing we do :) last sunday shay nate and andrew built a fort. it was a pretty intense fort with cords and a balance beam holding it up and everything! wes would've been impressed haha i must admit it was probably better then any of the forts he built when i was around :D
me, kris, shay, andrew, and nate

Shay and Andrew even slept in the fort that night, pretty impressive! me and kristin tried to drop in on the party around 11 but we were much too late. Andrew and Shay were both sound asleep. Neither me nor Kristin dared to try and enter the fort in the dark to poke them awake. We figured it would be a security risk to the fort since my butt barely fit through the entrance under the yellow armchair foot stool :P haha

Then today my family went on a family bike ride :) in the rain! it was a blast. Andrew and Nate called it the tour de Lindon since the Tour de France is going on right now and we had a little family race at times. lol we're dorks but it was a lot of fun. Even shay is getting better at keeping up with us which is hard since her bike is smaller and doesn't have that great of gears. :) Then it was family home evening time (since our family is never home the same time on monday) and let me tell ya, our family home evening is probably different then most :D haha we start out singing songs which is normal enough... but ever since i was little and had lots of energy i made up moves to all the songs (being the dancer i am) such as Wise man built his house upon a rock, Im a VIP, Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam, and more so our songs get pretty wild... one of these days im going to have to video tape it or something :P haha im sure it'd be hilarious to watch in 20 yrs when im old and have wild kids and wish they'd sit still for 10 seconds then i'll remember what i put my parents through hehe.
the fam after the bike ride in the rain. you cant see very well but we were all pretty wet.

On another topic of interest, my grandparents arrive home from Thailand tomorrow (where they are on a mission) in order to be in attendance at my Uncle Lyle's wedding to Zaret this Friday :) They will be staying with us at my house for an entire week before they fly back to Thailand. My sister Shay is especially excited and since they will be staying in her room she has already put up this sign on her door:
My aunt and uncle, Roger and Marci, and their 4 kids will also be staying at my house this week but wont arrive until wednesday or thursday. Like usual, my mom had us frantically cleaning the house yesterday in preparation for all of our house guests. haha it should be an interesting and exciting week :P


casey and jamie said...

ok so what is with everyone having cute background on their blogs and mine is poo tan. ok but i love you and i love your blog as well and that makes me SO happy to know you are a "reader" of mine haha i love it! how are you? how is dance and what you doing with your life?

Ash said...

aw case! lol if you only knew how long it took me to figure out how to get a cute blog background! :P you'd die. im good :) yah... ok. how bout i just write you an email instead of leaving a huge long comment on my blog great idea. i'll email you tomorrow. cause im tired. ha i love you!