Monday, November 16, 2009

alright fine. i'll update my blog :)

Sorry folks that I've been gone from the blogging world so long! I've just been... busy being newly-wed! haha. So the wedding was seriously perfect. Everything went so smoothly! The weather was beautiful, the luncheon was amazing, and the reception was perfect :) Thanks to all you family and friends who came and supported us! It really meant a lot to have everyone we love come out. I would post lots of wedding pics but... I have a thousand. No I'm not kidding, and even after I sorted through and chose all the best ones I still had a couple hundred! So there is just no way I will be uploading them all lol so either be happy with these five or go check out my facebook page! These are just a few of my favorite pics/ favorite moments.

coming out of the temple :) it was such a rush to see all our family and friends! Not to mention I felt so happy!

hugging my cute little bugga boo. my little mini me

haha this picture is just hilarious! I love Andrew's and Jaxon's faces!

this is my favorite pic of us in front of the temple :)

And well this picture is just funny to me because the sun was shining so bright in our eyes that Ki seriously couldn't keep his eyes open for the life of him! It was so funny our photographer kept having us shut our eyes and then open them on the count of 3 and this is still one of the only ones taken on that bench that Ki successfully managed to keep his eyes open in.

Ever since the wedding we have just been getting settled into our new apartment here in Provo, and spending as much time as we possibly can together! I must say that being married is far better then dating! Apart from being with each other every second that we can, we're both managing to stay pretty busy. Ki is busy going to school full-time and working at Linx Satellite as a manager getting ready to go out for what we hope, if all goes as planned and he graduates with his Business Marketing degree in 3 semesters like planned, is our last summer of Summer sales! yay! As for me, I'm settling into being a little housewife, making our apartment into a home and teaching myself how to cook a whole bunch of new things (which is actually going shockingly well considering my numerous food failures in the past) in the meantime I am also looking for a job to hold me over until next summer at which time I'll be office admin again. I'm also taking a bunch of fun classes right now at 24 hr. fitness (can you say hallelujah? I love going to the pilates, yoga, cycling, zumba and kick boxing classes. These classes seriously kick my butt and I love feeling like I'm getting back into shape finally!) I'm also trying to completely enjoy what little time I have left of my break from school. Because next semester I'll start full force into my major again. I'll be taking: physiology, kinesiology/bio mechanics, accounting, Adv. First Aid, and New Testament. I'll be honest, I'm not looking forward to going back, but it'll be good for me. School is good and who knows, maybe now that I'm married and I won't be livin the late night single life, I'll be able to buckle down and get better grades. We can hope at least, right?

At the moment I'm really looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas! They are two of my most favorite holidays ever! I think the thing I love most about these holidays is the family aspect. I LOVE spending time with both my family and Ki's family and am so grateful that I'm so blessed with such amazing people in my life! The second thing I love most about these holidays is of course the plethora of amazing FOOD and holiday TREATS! Anyone who knows me, knows I really really REALLY enjoy my food. Thanksgiving is so divine. I can hardly wait for the yams, turkey, stuffing, and of course apple pie! mm mm good! But in preparation for Christmas which I am also excitedly anticipating (even though its likely to be the smallest Christmas I've ever had) we put up our Christmas tree for Family Home Evening tonight! yay :) We put on some Christmas music, courtesy of since I somehow lost all my favorite Christmas cd's.. and put up the little tree! We would've drank hot chocolate in honor of our festive FHE as well, but we were both still stuffed from dinner haha.

putting the finishing touches on the branches!

He is a cutie :)

both of us decorating the tree thanks to our handy self-timer

putting on the last little ball.

yay! all finished :)

Welp. Thats about all for tonight. Of course there have been many more adventures since I last updated but it would be far too long to blog about them all. If any of you want to come visit us feel free! We're finally all moved in and settled with the pictures on the walls and everything!