Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Girls of Apt. 114

This week has been good :) my roommates become more and more my 2nd little family every day. haha here are a few photos of us from the last few days.

holly, me and chels snuggling on the couch watching a movie! haha

On Saturday night, we went to the stake relief society dinner and then the relief society broadcast :) It was a fun night, and Elder Uchtdorf (spelling?) spoke and it was amazing! I loved his talk, it was really good and a nice reminder to cut myself some slack because i am my harshest critic. Here are a few photos from after the dinner when we were waiting outside the marriott center for the broadcast to start :)

our family portrait outside the marriott center :D ash, mandy, chels, holly.
look! because of the slant of the sidewalk i look the same height as everyone! Also forgive me and holly for wearing flip flops... we didn't have any church shoes that matched our outfits.. i think that sounds like a good excuse for a shoe shopping trip soon! :)

chels took the camera and was catching our candid moments :P clearly we miss our missionaries or something haha.

that is what mandy thinks of candid photos :D

I was uncharacteristically willing to smile

and holly was taken by surprise.

Afterwards we all went to the Yoasis for dessert! it was delish! and is our newest healthy addiction! yay for healthy addictions :) we even have the yoasis calender of events and discounts

I heart my 2nd family :) they are all great girls and huge examples to me of strength, courage, and kindness and who are constantly there for me! I am glad that i get to live with them! every day is a new adventure for sure haha we're all nuts its a blast everyone feel free to come play!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Has it really only been 3 days since my last blog post? it pretty much feels like its been a week! If this post doesn't make sense i apologize sincerely. i'm running off about 3 hrs of sleep right now and my roommates keep mocking my incoherent sentences :D well lets see where to start? i think i'll just hit the hi-lights.. Sunday night we made friends at ward prayer! miracles can happen ;) haha jk but now the only problem is that we are playing perhaps a little too much... so then we have to stay up all night getting our homework done.. awesome. oh well :) thats college right? Cleaning checks were today and in preparation for them we pretty much cleaned everything... well in the process of cleaning our sick nasty couches this is what we found...

ew sick gross ah! ew!!! We happened upon that sick disgusting little object when we were innocently taking the couch cushions off the couches, to try and vacuum the fur balls that kept coming up every time we reached into the deep dark abyss, to retrieve our runaway cell phones. Well when we told the front desk (by we i really mean my 2 roommates mandy and chelsea.. im kinda wimpy when it comes to confronting people and complaining) about the cigarette in our couch, they didn't even react and basically told us to clean up our own messes! Chels and Mandy were like uh... its not ours!!! it must've been there before we got there... but yay! now we're getting new couches :) i hope they look like our neighbors! they got lucky and got the nice couches :P

Besides finding gross things in our couches nothing that is really story worthy has happened the last few days... lots of homework, lots of cleaning, lots of playing (yay!) and not quite as much sleeping... but im pretty much planning on going to bed at 9 tonight so lets hope that i actually do :) haha.

oh! i got my blood drawn today too :) for the first time! i was pretty nervous, but it wasn't even bad at all. Pretty much i freaked out way too much about it and most the population of this earth freak out too much about it as well. Anyways that is all for now, have a great night everyone!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend

Wow another weekend has come and gone.. how does it always go like that? i swear time goes 3 times as fast from friday to sunday as it does the rest of the week :P Friday wasn't too eventful, just did homework and went to work but Saturday was a blast. we of course started off the day with the Byu game in order to witness another shut out woot woot! except as exciting as that is... i would kinda like to see a close game one of these times.. haha then we crashed at home for a few hours because the sun seriously takes it out of you! we were all very sun burnt and very sweaty :D
chels and mandy at the game

me and holly at half time

later saturday night we went to classic skating with some guys chels knew from oregon (yeah we still dont have any friends that are actually in the ward... haha) but it was a total blast from the past! so much fun! We definitely were some of the worst skaters there though! holy cow i swear some of the people there must go ALL THE TIME because they were doing all these cool tricks! I was definitely jealous. Then this guy that had been doing tricks all night came up and asked if I wanted to do a trick with him and i said yes so i sat down on the ground with my arms underneath my legs and he grabbed my hands and was spinning me in a circle!! it was insane! i am pretty sure i was screaming. i cant believe he didn't drop me. haha so much fun. then we went home around midnight, made chocolate chip pancakes and watched how to lose a guy in 10 days which is one of my all time favorite movies! it was an awesome night. I heart my roommates they're the greatest.

mandy, holly, me, and chels at classic skating! ... and Alejandro in the background haha he looks so out of it.

Sunday morning none of us were in a hurry to wake up.. at first we were sad our church changed from 11 am to 1pm but now im thinking its probably a good thing. Seeing how we sleep till like 11:30 every sunday morning haha :P After church we went on a really long walk along the provo river parkway trail which is right behind our apartment. Seriously it is! Walk out our door and like 50 ft forward and you are on the trail :P It was so pretty :) The conversation wasn't bad either
cute little duck pond and cute little couple feeding the ducks :) if i knew them i'd send them this picture. i think its precious.

holly, chels, and me on our walk :) notice i have to stick my butt out all weird to be at the same height as the 2 little ones hehe.

now one with Mandy, holly, and chels!

now we are just about to have our Sunday dinner YUM! im starved. like usual haha. then we are going to ward prayer. to attempt to make friends :D attempt being the keyword lol. anyways that was my weekend in a nutshell. the end.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

If only.

In my short lifetime of 19 years, I've learned a few things. Although i had my fair share of really awkward years I feel like I've mostly come to terms with the person that I am, and my body type etc. BUT there are 2 things that i still just absolutely cant stand about myself. (I guess I have the rest of my life to work on them along with a million other things, but still.. these 2 issues are the ones I find myself wishing I could change the most at this time in my life.)

Frustrating Issue #1:
My whole life after I have gotten to know people i work with, or even some of my best friends, they usually say something along the lines of.. "Ash you are so much fun/cute/crazy, but when i first met you I thought you hated me!" or "Ashley you are so nice, i cant believe i used to think you were stuck up." or finally "I am glad we're friends now, but when you first started working here i thought you hated me and were such a snob" :(
Dear world, once I get to know a person, very seldom is there someone i absolutely CANT get along with or hate. I really am a nice person I promise! It just takes me a while to open up around people I don't know. I am not a snob, I don't think I am better then you, I'm simply really really SHY!! So please give me a chance! If i don't talk to you at first or have a hard time making eye contact it is simply because: I am a shy person, I don't know what to say around you, and you scare me. People are scary at first to me.. I know its stupid, but yet I still cant get over this

Issue I cant stand #2:
This problem can be summed up nicely in 5 words. I am a scaredy cat. I really am. There are so many things in life I haven't tried to do or done because I am too scared. I don't go after my dreams and what I really want because I am afraid that I wont be able to make it happen. If I am not positive that I can do something, I don't usually try. It is just sad, I know I shouldn't be scared, but telling myself doesn't usually do much to help. It drives me nuts.

Anyways this post doesn't really have a point. But these are the things I am working hardest to change about myself this year, and since this is my journal of sorts I decided maybe I should record these thoughts. That is all. the end.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Cougar Shutout!!!

poor poor UCLA. This just wasn't their game! I ALMOST feel bad for them haha. oh how i love football games! it was just me and chels this saturday though since mandy and holly were both up in salt lake again. but it was a blast! good thing im always here on saturdays or else chels would be all by her lonesome! since she is the only one of us not from Utah and all. anyways here are a few pics from the game!

me and chels before we headed to the game!

the view from our fabulous seats :)

I even got sunburned! it was a beautiful day for a football game! Not nearly as miserable as it was at BYU vs. Northern Iowa :P I seriously thought I was going to get heat stroke that game.

just seconds before another cougar touchdown!!

final score!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Mom,

I'm coming home. I just realized im not ready to spread my wings and fly from the nest yet. growing up is hard! can i just be your little girl forever? I miss my mommy hugs and my daddy hugs... and i even miss my loud crazy and smelly brothers who somehow always managed to tease ME even though im the oldest. I miss fights over clothes, who gets to shower first and who messed up the bathroom with my best friend kris (ok maybe not.. but i miss our sisterly chats and keeping her up all night talking) I miss shays touchy feely adoring nature and even her fits of i want my way NOW spoiledness :P haha

ok... so im not really coming home. but SERIOUSLY how many different kinds of 40 watt type B light bulbs are there! my lamp is retarded and i've now bought 3 different kinds of lightbulbs that are the WRONG types of light bulbs! and laundry... dont even get me started on laundry! you should see my room lol there is stuff hanging EVERYWHERE because i ran out of quarters and couldn't finish drying all my clothes. oh what a mess i am. your cooking is simply divine compared to my hurried meals of sandwiches, soup, burritos, and cereal :p I may not be coming home to live, but you can count on me for sunday dinner! plus like i said, i just miss the fam :)

love, ash.

p.s. did i mention your the best mom ever? :) i love you!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Utah State Fair

So today after class me and my roommates and a bunch of friends all decided to go up to the Utah State Fair! None of us had ever been and didn't really know what to expect, but it ended up being lots of fun :) minus the fact that they totally con you into buying things! they had like a gazillion signs up advertising frozen lemonade, and lemonade, ice cold water, and coke... sheesh! they sure know how to make a thirsty person cave. dont worry that there wasn't a drinking fountain in sight! so i ended up having to buy the smallest water bottle i've ever seen for 2.50! what a rip off. dont they know im a poor college student? but anyways we decided that this is what the state fair is.. you go spend 8 dollars to get in.. so that you can spend more money on rides.... hm... we were hoping to be able to do stuff for FREE once we paid 8 dollars to get in, but whatever, i guess that was an unrealistic expectation and it was still a blast. afterwards we went to village inn and stuffed our faces. All in all a great night. I really hope my knee quits giving me so much grief though so i can get back to running! otherwise i might gain another 10 lbs this year! meh. anyways here are a bunch of pics from the night :)

holly, mandy, chels, me being ridiculous as always :D

just admit it. we're the cutest apples you've ever seen ;)

holly and mandy being fat apples..? haha so cute.

the. best. ride. ever.

im scared of the 13 foot, 12oo lb alligator :P

alex and mandy. waiting for us to get off the big yellow slide! they were too cheap to fork up the 2 dollars.

the gals: mandy, chels, holly, me!

the guys: alex, saular, spencer, abe, bailey

abe lifting holly up so she could see the tiger show :D haha awww..

the tigers were so cute!!! i couldn't get a good picture though because my camera decided it wanted to be retarded.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frozen eggs?

So my roommates and I just made brownies and we went to use my eggs to mix in and the first 4 that we cracked open were frozen! I have never ever seen that happen before so i was quite confused :P haha our fridge tends to freeze everything.. grapes, lettuce.. too bad it has a mind of its own and wont let us turn down the temperature.
look the egg is frozen! pay no attention to my hair... i've been crazy and hyper all night and that is what happens haha.

our delicious brownies before we put them into the oven! dont they look so yummy :) chocolate and carmel!

And can I just say how much fun it is to live with 3 other girls? Cause holy cow I love my roommates dearly :) they are so much fun and so amazing! I look up to them all so much and it is so much fun to be able to spend so much time with them every day its just so much fun :) haha anyways... im being redundant here, but i really just love my roommates! but now for seriously im done posting on my blog for awhile :D

Summary of the week :)

wow! i went longer then a week without updating my blog! i think i deserve a gold star :D that hasn't happened in forever :P Anyways the reason i have been MIA this week is probably mostly due to school and other things. I dont really know.. and sorry in advance if this post is all over the place I am extremely tired for reasons I am sure you'll find out by the time you are done reading this post :D

School has actually been kinda fun? yeah shocker I really do like school for the most part. I dont have any science classes this semester (which i abhor with a passion) so maybe thats why :) i LOVE LOVE LOVE my D&C class. I love the professor and already feel inspired to be a better person ha as corny as that sounds. The class i'm the least excited for is English just because it is not one of my better subjects.. which you've all probably figured out by now after reading my blog posts :P Calculus has actually been kinda fun thus far because it comes easier since i already took AP Calc in highschool so the assignments have been kinda fun :P music 201 the teacher has an awesome accent. And Nutrition 201 im pretty excited for just cause im weird and like learning about that kinda stuff :P haha anyways thats the synopsis of my classes for this semester.

Lets see... well... pretty much i cant even remember what happened monday through wednesday this week haha. ugh i bought a lamp. and 2 of the wrong types of lightbulbs for it. So i still dont have a functioning lamp in my room which desperately needs another light source.

Thursday my friend Joshy Petersen from last year at byu was in town from Boise with his friend Spencer Bowen for one last little visit before he leaves on his mish. the whole day was a blast! After i got out of class at 3 i met joshy, spenc, and ali at the cougareat and then we decided we had to go bridge jumping for old times sake. Last year the very first week of school we went bridge jumping twice in one week so we decided to come full circle and do it again! :) it was crazy haha only last year we always went at night and so i had no idea how disgusting the water we were jumping in was! so gross lol. Oh and i did a back flip off the bridge that was exciting. It took me forever to get up the guts but i finally did it! Afterwards we rushed back and all got showered and ready in a half hour so we could meet up with a bunch of friends at Tucanos for dinner. mm mmm good! I ate SO MUCH but i had to get my moneys worth! :D then we headed to Progressive Power Tumbling cause Josh and all the guys pretty much lived there last year, so they all wanted to go one last time. Probably not the best idea we ever had to go to Tucanos before jumping and flipping on all the trampolines but whatev :D it was worth the tummy ache haha. THEN josh, ali, me and spenc went eighties dancing in Salt Lake! yeah it was a freaking jam packed day and i didn't get home until 3 but it was so good to see Joshy one last time before he left for Mexico City.
me and joshy

spenc in his eighties outfit haha

ali and joshy in their eighties outfits! You cant see ali's spandex but they were sweet lol very silver and shiny :P I didn't get a picture of mine but just picture this in your head... keds, yellow leggins, zebra mini skirt, tie die shirt, big earrings, big hair. it was awesome.

Friday i worked, that was pretty uneventful, saturday day i worked... and then after i got out of work I received a call from Spenc saying that me and my roommates should come up to bear lake! Well Mandy and holly were gone, which left me and chels. We were feeling adventuresome so we packed up our stuff and were on our way to bear lake an hour later. the drive ended up being 4 hrs long instead of 3 since we missed the turn off in logan and kept driving but.... we eventually made it :P haha i forgot how fun road trips can be with girls :D I'm so glad we went even though it was a butt load of money for gas. It ended up being one heck of a night haha that lasted ALL night long. We didn't sleep for even 5 minutes! we just played games, and watched movies, all night long. That made it interesting in the morning when we all had to drive back :P holy cow im so grateful i made it home ok! It is so hard to drive for 3 hrs when you haven't slept in 24 hrs! It took all my brainpower to keep my eyes open and to keep from swerving. But we're home safe and sound! here are a few pics from the night..

(me, spenc, kade, chels)
Ok, i HAVE to explain this photo before ya'll go assuming things and getting the wrong idea! We had driven out to this place with a huge heated pool, and hot tub, and only been there for 10 minutes when we got kicked out because it was closing.. SO, someone had the brilliant idea to go hot tubbing in the bath tub! It was pretty much the funniest most uncomfortable thing i've ever done shoving us all into that tiny little bath tub. but for the record, we're all wearing swimsuits and nothing inappropriate happened! :)

(back:ash, spenc, kade, chels. front: shay)
"shay! set the timer and jump in!" I was pretty much in hysterics at this point.

and this pretty much summarizes my mood the entire night. extremely loopy and slap happy :D Thanks to Spencer's grandma for letting us invade her home :)

all the pics from the ride up are on chelsea's camera and i am too lazy to try and steal them from her but we got some pretty good ones :P here are some not so important, random details of the drive.

miles traveled
*165 miles one way
time it took to get to bear lake
*3.5 hrs
time it took to get back to provo
*2.5 hrs
times we were lost
times we questioned our direction following skills
*a zillion
road kill
*2 cats
*4 skunks/raccoons
*1 bird
*1 deer
cd's listened to
*Jack's Mannequin
*Road trip Mix
*Red Hot Chili Peppers
*Something Coroporate
*KT Tunstall
# of gas stations we went to during one bathroom stop to find a working bathroom

well pretty much this week was great, but i cant procrastinate my homework any longer. ta ta for now :)