Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Proud Moment

I do not know what makes me prouder. the fact that my brother is growing up, or the fact that i get to inflict pain on him with his permission! (after all those scars he gave me when we were little i can say this without guilt ;) haha) Who did he turn to a few months ago when he found his uni-brow must go? none other then mewah! and now once a week, or every other week, he comes to me tweezers in hand ready for his next session with me as the pain inflicter :D all joking aside though its amazing to see him grow up :) I cant believe he is finally past the "cooties" phase. it seems like just yesterday that if we even brought up the subject of girls the discussion usually ended on his part in tears :P but none of that anymore! from what i can tell my brother is going to be even more popular then kris (which is saying something) and kris was already oodles more popular then me :D haha i was the nerd all growing up, kristin is the popular cheerleader with millions of friends, and according to a girl nate's age that i used to babysit, he is well liked by everyone, girls and boys alike... I am not sure how this trend happened (it must be the awkward first pancake in me haha for all those of you blogger friends who know what that is! go first pancake club!) and those of you who dont know i will post the definition right... about.. now...
*first pancake
[fûrst pān'kāk'] noun

The oldest child who usually lacks social skills that their younger siblings have. Taken from saying that the first pancake cooked generally doesn't turn out because the griddle is still heating up. A first pancake doesn't have an older sibling to watch go through the basic firsts of life and instead must figure them out for his or herself, leaving him or her in many awkward, scary situations.

props to katie for the definition of a first pancake, and now you have all been enlightened on its meaning :)

On another note, just a heads up to all of you single ladies out there that are still under the impression (like i was) that if you are sitting alone in the Cougareat, but are studying or reading out of a textbook, that you will be safe from being approached, it turns out we were wrong. Last week im eating before going to the library to study after class, reading and going over all my notes for my midterm when i hear, is it alright if i sit here? I look up with a VERY full mouth, at a guy, and cant help thinking to myself, are you serious? there are at least 40 empty tables and you have to sit here? when im studying? but what with the mouth full and all, i opted that it might probably just be easier to nod. So he sits down... way nice guy, down to earth, just got off his mission like 2 months ago, and as awkward as they come. ok maybe that isn't fair. I usually am not the easiest person to talk to when i dont know someone. so you can imagine my surprise when he asks me my last name as he is leaving and tells me he'll look me up... to which i was so shocked i dont think i even replied... i just watched as he walked away.... 5 hrs later when i get home and get on the computer, he has added me onto facebook. 4 days later i get on facebook to check the usual, when he messages me on facebook chat (don't even get me started on how much i HATE facebook chat) but for some reason still not known to me, i reply. he then asks me to lunch ON facebook chat! wow.. our stupid technical gadgetry world is ruining human communication skills. I mean what was i supposed to say? so today after class i went to lunch with a nearly complete stranger.. I recognized him when i saw him though, which was a WAY good thing since i wasn't quite sure whether or not i would. it actually went over pretty well, considering, he is way nice and all... it was still just a tad bit awkward. probably because im a first pancake. meh. long story short if you thought you were safe sitting alone in the cougareat as long as you were studying, think again.


Jill said...

Haha That is a way funny story Ash! And by the way, I don't think you're a first pancake....I think you're awesome at everything!

Ash said...

aw thanks aunt jill! :)

Alyssa said...

haha!! That was an awesome story! Pretty much amazing. so is this guy way nice? have you seen him/ talked to him since your awkward date? haha! honestly tho...i hate being a first pancake!

Ash said...

he is way nice as far as i have seen :P which has been a total of maybe 2 hrs? and i haven't seen nor talked to him since, he did have to fly to california for a family reunion though.. but still i dont think we will talk again haha and i hate being a first pancake too!