Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After having a productive day, tonight we gave up on all our planned responsibilities, and made Rice Krispie treats followed by a 6 episode Leverage marathon. I knew every time that we started a new episode that Ki should be studying, and I should be packing, but I didn't resist the welcome snuggle fest with the hubby. I figure tomorrow we'll get around to the packing and the studying :) meh oh well, no regrets. I'd much rather snuggle on the couch then pack anyways

Saturday, April 17, 2010

blogging has been seriously neglected in my marriage :)

Sorry everyone! I keep getting a bunch of you asking why I never update my blog, when I'm going to update my blog, If I am even alive etc etc. I am very much alive! :) So worry your little heads no more. I mean obviously I am busy, who isn't these days? But I somehow find time to fit facebook into my life so I guess I am just out of the habit of blogging. Anywho, I am so behind on the details/events of my life I don't even know where to begin! I guess I will just start spurting out random details of things that are on my mind.

Ki and I will be headed on a long 18-20 hr trek to Oklahoma in 13 days! THIRTEEN! That is less then 2 weeks and we have SO much to do before then. We will be doing the same thing as last summer, Ki is managing the summer sales office, and I'm the office administrator again. But man, we both have to finish finals, get our new car registered/on our insurance, move all of our stuff except the essentials into storage, clean the apartment, put down payment on new apartment for next Fall, and have 2 birthdays before we can go! Its going to be a crazy few weeks.

I keep getting a million emails from the accounting department practically begging me to be an accounting major and inviting me to a million seminars because of my "exceptional grades" How ironic that my highest grade at BYU is probably the thing I find the least interesting... I mean sure I have found many of the things I've learned applicable to my life and even some minutely interesting, but if all my classes were accounting classes I think I would die.

I promise to TRY to be better at blogging, but in the mean time here is a story to tide you over until the next time I grace you with the presence of a new post from my blog ;)

A couple of weeks ago, Ki and I were driving down to Cedar City late Friday evening (we had to wait until 10 because I procrastinated taking a test haha) so that Ki could ordain his little brother a deacon on the coming Sunday. We made it as far as Cove Fort where we filled up with gas, and then out of nowhere it started blizzarding! We braved the storm though and got back on the freeway to complete our trek South. We had only gone like 5 minutes before the road was completely covered in snow, and we had to slow our speed to about 40 to avoid driving off the road. But before we knew what was going on we were going 35, then 30, then 25 because the snow was coming down so hard, we could only see a couple feet in front of us! I was on the verge of a panic induced breakdown! It wouldn't have been so bad perhaps if we had a car to follow, or if we could tell the difference between the road we were driving on, and the side of the road, but alas both were COMPLETELY covered with a thick blanket of snow. Ki being the sweet thoughtful husband that he is(or because he was certain he couldn't stand an extra 2 hr drive in the car with the maniac who was sitting next to him) suggested that for our safety, it might be best to pull off at the next exit with the option of a motel and spend the night there. So we drove for another 30 minutes in this crazy spring snowstorm until we reached Beaver where we exited the highway. It seemed everyone else had the same idea as us however, because when we got there of the 4 motels in town, only 1 had vacancies.. and it was of course the one I would've most preferred to NOT stay in. I mean it was the grossest looking thing ever! Our room was located on the abandoned side of the Motel and I was almost sure we were going to get mugged, or beaten to death by drug lords (I told you I was on the verge of a breakdown). In fact I was so paranoid, that I made Ki bring his gun in the room with us. Yes, I typed that correctly, I ASKED him to bring it. Now for those of you who know me, now you are convinced that I have gone insane, because I HATE guns, and I refuse to let Ki bring it anywhere except on the occasion of camping. Which is no small feat because Ki dreams of being Jack Bauer and one of his most prized posessions is his concealed weapons permit..

In order to further paint you a picture of our delightful motel room, you must know that the first things we noticed when we walked in were A) that it was just as cold inside as it was outside,and B)that there was an ash tray on the mini table just inside the door and that the room smelled a lot like SMOKE. Interesting seeing as how the owner had specifically told us he would give us one of the Non-Smoking Rooms! First thing we did was to turn on the electric heater because I was FREEZING! I hadn't packed anything very warm, because it was almost APRIL! 5 minutes with the heater on and we knew that the room wasn't going to get warm for a VERY long time. Ki took out the filter, to try and scrub the thick layer of sick stuff off in order to make the heater work a little better, but pretty soon I had to take over, because his allergies started going crazy, and when Ki's allergies go too crazy he starts having a really hard time breathing. So after I clean the vent and brush my teeth I lay in bed fully dressed in an attempt to get warm. As I laid there waiting for Ki to finish brushing his teeth, to my dismay I notice that the thin, felt blankets that are covering the bed are full of little curly black hairs! I gagged. Up until this point I had been calmly holding most my emotions inside my head, making the best of the situation, but the curly hairs that suspiciously looked a lot like pube hairs had done me in! I screamed to Ki to come look, and when he came in and saw the condition of the blankets on the bed that we would be sleeping in he just looked at me, and then we both just burst out laughing. This night just kept getting more and more ridiculous. I tried to pull the sheet over the top of the blankets so that the blankets wouldn't touch my face as I slept, but as luck would have it we found out that the sheet was a twin sheet, and it didn't even tuck into the edges of our Full size bed without pulling it up over the blankets. Ki however was thoroughly fatigued at this point and fell asleep, but between the smoke in the room, and the vent full of dust that he had attempted to clean, his asthma was pretty bad. So while he slept I listened to his wheezing to make sure he wouldn't stop breathing (I've never had experience with someone with asthma before, and his RARELY acts up so I was a bit nervous) But when I finally was too tired to worry about his breathing, or the hairs in the blankets, and the scary motel we were staying in I finally fell asleep. In the morning when we both woke up, all the snow was already melted and the sun was shining. We then got back in the car and marveled at the crazy Utah weather. The End. haha so this story is kind of anti-climatic but its the only story I got for ya right now :) I wish I had pictures from the motel to post so you would know I am not exaggerating, but in my sleep deprived state, I didn't think to take any. Love you all! And I wish all those of you who have finals this week or the next week good luck!! Not that you'll need it... just in case. ;)