Thursday, July 10, 2008


forgive me my ultra lame post from yesterday.. sometimes you just have bad days :D haha I feel much more like myself today and am in a much better mood! Maybe its cause yesterday i skipped running? guess i need my happy endorphins from exercising :P but yesterday i was too sore!!! im still sore from going to a ballet class with heather on tuesday night! I mean hello! whoever thinks dance isn't hard/a workout/ hard hasn't ever taken a real dance class! I mean i am not by any means "out of shape" ya know! i go running almost every day and swimming and occasionally biking and i was SORE!!! like cant sit on the toilet, almost fall down the stairs sore :P its been way too long since i've taken a dance class obviously. haha but anyways I promise i am not on the brink of depression or anything so no worries!! have a great day everyone!


Heather said...

Haha Ash! I love you! SOrry you were so sore! I've been pretty sore with this workshop i've been doing-it kicks my butt for sure too! Haha BUt i love it! Thanks for coming with me! It's always more fun to dance with a friend :) love you!

ajsearle said...
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The Searle Family said...

Yea we are blogging friends!! Thanks for your comment and Im glad you found mine. YOur blog is so cute!!