Sunday, June 29, 2008


I was really excited for today to come because one of my friends Chelsea from BYU was going to be here for her cousin's homecoming and so me and mandy would be able to see her! we decided to meet at 3:30 at the temple because it was close to where her grandparents lived so she would be able to walk over and meet us there if she wasn't able to get use of a car. The thing we stupidly failed to realize is that there would be MILLIONS, ok.. not millions.. but plenty of missionaries roaming the grounds to make us feel maybe a tiny bit out of place :P but we eventually got over it and found a tree far away from everyone to sit under and just talk for the few hours we could until she had to leave to go to her family barbeque and i had to go to my cousins baptism :) Well we are just chatting away like old times (seriously mandy, chels, i cant WAIT until we all are livin together!) when all of a sudden we see a group of probably 20 elders walking straight for us! haha we immediately start freaking out wondering if we aren't allowed to be here or something when they all come up to us and suddenly blurt out... "will you take a picture with elder evans? he is kinda a nerd and wants to take a picture with you beautiful girls before he leaves to San Juan on wednesday!" we were stunned... uh, sure... then one elder as if it'll help motivate us to take the photo says "I'll even bear (bare?) my testimony for you in spanish!" haha so we agreed and 20 or so (im not exaggerating) elders most with cameras start snapping away getting their photos and laughing UNCONTROLLABLY at elder evans who at this point im sure felt quite awkward :P and then as promised, the one bore his testimony to us in spanish :) i dont understand much spanish seeing as jose only taught me restaurant words the other day but it seemed like he knew what he was talking about :D anyways here are a few pics from the whole ordeal lol
mandy, me, and chels :)

our view of the provo temple from the comfort of our shady tree :)

wow. haha you can just tell how awkward this was by just looking at this picture! lol it looks like he has takin a liking to mandy though ;)

we finally recovered from our shyness in front of all those missionaries in order to take a decent picture.
chelsea, me, elder evans, and mandy :)

after we finally said goodbye i sped home (im in a bad habit of speeding as of late) in order to change into some church clothes to be able to make it to my cousin Cullan's baptism! it was good to see family as always!! and we of course had the most delicious desserts ever afterwards (what is a baptism without "light" refreshments?) all in all it was a great day despite the combined priesthood/relief society lesson on living within your means. not that it was a bad lesson its just a scary thought that someday i wont be able to rely on my parents for money, insurance, food, housing, etc. haha but im sure i will survive :) anyways here is a pic of me, my sister kris, and lauren (one of my fav cousins) at cullan's baptism


Jill said...

Haha Ash...cute pics! Thanks for rushing back to the Baptism! We would have missed you.

Katya said...

oh my, that's so funny. Haha, I'd feel so awkward, but the pics are way cute! Love the new template too, by the way. :)