Friday, July 25, 2008

4 wheelin baby!

So this week I was lucky enough to get to go four wheelin with heather dear! it was such a blast! we went at night with her parents, and it was gorgeous to be up in the mountains while the sun set. We saw a ton of deer and a couple squirrels. She also re-taught me how to drive the manual 4 wheeler haha and after awhile i got the hang of it and am now fearless!! ;) well mostly :D i came home without a scratch in sight! which is a rare occasion for someone of my accident prone nature lol. I always love spending time with heather she is a friend any girl would be lucky to have! thanks again heather for the awesome night!

the before shot :D haha dirt free so far!
heather showin off her sexy dragon helmet!
me ready to rumble!
the sunset from the squaw peak mtn. im hot really sure where we were :D oh and this photo doesn't do it justice.
i love the mountains!
heather and our sweet ride.
after our adventure had ended and nightfall had come! we didn't get nearly as dirty as the time we went 3 yrs ago at fish lake.. and just to prove it..
here is us 3 yrs. ago after four wheeling in fish lake! woot woot! so fun :) good times haha


Jody Lynn said...


There is such a difference between those two pictures of you gals. (the one now, and the one three years ago) You are both so beautiful. :D

Heather said...

OH MY GOSH!! Haha Ash! I look pretty ridiculous in that old picure of us! Haha! Grose! That was such a blast! THanks for coming with me! I love you!