Sunday, July 6, 2008

the 4th of July :)

Well the day started early with the whole family rollin out of bed and heading down to provo for the hot air balloons at 6 :) this is my family's little 4th of july tradition that i haven't been able to do for many years because of dance nationals so it was fun to be able to go again! We go to the hot air balloons because well. the parade is hot, and crowded, and none of us like it haha guess we inherited that from our parents :P after the hot air balloons we went to breakfast at kneaders for all you can eat french toast!!! mmm! so good! here are a few pics of the fam at the hot air balloons be kind I meant what i said about rolling out of bed :P no make up for ashley! haha

this picture is a classic :P haha our family in action. im just in my own little world, kris ... well i dunno what she is doing. shay is hiding from the camera, nate and andrew are obviously in a little conflict and my mom is laughing while trying to play the mediator in their fight :D yup classic

after we pulled it together :)

hot air balloon in the background

The rest of the day was kind of a disappointment seeing how i had to work a double so i was at wingers all day, but we tried to have our own little fun since it was SO SLOW! seriously i probably ate like 17 times that day just because we were so bored we had nothing else to do but take pictures and eat. :P we all got to dress up in red white and blue though! i guess that is a plus here are a few of the billions we took that night out of boredom :)
me, makenzie, and mercedes

kenz and me! haha and mitch in the background looking extremely bored

mercedes bein cool, kenz lookin adorable and me laughing hysterically

our sad faces cause nobody is coming to wingers :P haha so ugly. holding back laughter and frowning is not a good combination for my face :D

what mitch dubs my "natural environment" whatever thats supposed to mean. and kenz trying to get now and laters out of her teeth :P

manager Luis. he looks thrilled to be stuck there with us

kenz and cedes had too much sugar!!!

our freakin sweet candy machine. as if we hadn't already had enough sugar

once the sugar high wore off..

what an exciting day at wingers

now even though my 4th of july wasn't the greatest I am very grateful for this country and for the freedoms that we have!!! The events leading to the founding of this country were amazing and undoubtedly helped along by God's plan so that we would be able to have the restored gospel on this earth again! I am definitely not the most knowledgeable when it comes to politics and things of that nature but i do love this country. I am not a lover of war or conflict, but I am so grateful for all those who fight and work to keep our country free and who fight for those who cant fight for themselves. Happy be-lated independance day everyone! :)

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