Friday, August 29, 2008

The First Supper :)

So we're mostly all moved in and unpacked now! well i am atleast... haha some of us have been slower then others :D but tonight we officially made our first meal! A few phone calls had to be made to parents asking questions like how do you cook chicken and how long do you do this etc... but wa la! we had angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken! and toast! hey thats a pretty well balanced meal right? ok ok. I fess up. The pasta was made from a box. But hey, we are on our way to being homemakers one baby step at a time :) Here are a few pics from the occasion for your enjoyment. The bright light at the table in the pictures is the lamp we have to use for light... apparently its okay for half the light bulbs in your apartment to be burned out before they let you live in it. hm... so anyways its our temporary fix.

holly getting her yummy dinner :)

chelsea, mandy, and holly enjoying our first meal :)

holly said there had to be one with me in it... i could've done without but here it is! it looks light in the room, but dont be deceived. its only because of the flash that it is light :P but minus our "list of concerns" ie: broken closet door, missing bed frame, broken screen door, burned out lights. we actually love our little home :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My poor little molly :(

After MUCH procrastination including:
*1 movie
*1 trip to Wal-Mart
* atleast 15 trips to the kitchen
*1 nap
*4 chapters in "The Host"
*3 hair do's
*2 suitcases
*2 giant boxes
*2 laundry baskets
*1 very full back pack
* and about 6 stubbed toes later...
I'm FINALLY done packing!!! well... pretty much done. One problem remains though... what to do with my poor poor gerbil Molly! she isn't allowed in the apartment, and my family, ESPECIALLY my mother want nothing to do with her :( so....

does anyone want a free gerbil or know anyone that would want her? or know of any alternatives to releasing her into the wild (thats what my mother plans to do, but even though molly is somewhat of a demon i just dont feel right about letting the birds eat her alive!) Anyways if you have any great ideas about who to give her to, or what to do with her i'd love to know! goodnight blogdom

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

another great summer day :)

the fab day started out rather early for my particular liking (i've never been a morning person.) but even though my family all started laughing hysterically when they saw my lions mane for hair as i came up for scripture study this morning i was in a surprisingly good mood all day!

it continued to get better when all the aunts, me, and BFF cousin amy went to lunch at chili's! I'm so excited! Amy is the only cousin my age on both sides of the family and we've never seen each other more then once a year if that, but now that she is going to be down at byu our kindred spirits can finally be rekindled!
BFF Amy and me at lunch :)

After talking at my house for hours with Amzee I was off for one last carefree summer boating trip with friends before school starts and we all move etc. Thanks to Jody for inviting us all out on her boat it was a blast!

Alyssa and Kylie!

Heather and myself chillin in the front of the boat

miss jody, the perfect host and awesome wakeboarder teacher :D helped alyssa (pictured above) and heather to get up woot woot!

katie and her freaking long gorgeous ballroom dancin legs!

allysa, justin, and me. last tube run of the night :)

heather, kylie, and jody beautiful boatin girls

mikey, justin, alyssa, and katie on the way back to the launch ramp

Thanks everyone for the awesome day! It was a perfect last summer fling before I pack my whole life away tomorrow! meh... i hate packing.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Hello world of fellow bloggers, ashley here. So i have this really really REALLY aggravating problem called i cant sleep! for the past month or two i lay in bed for at LEAST an hour if not longer before falling asleep. Does anyone else have this problem? I mean im exhausted! so what is the deal! why cant i sleep! gr. so. annoying. Take today for instance. I've been exhausted all day long but refused to let myself take a nap so i would sleep good tonight!! but no! i've been tossing and turning in bed since 10:30 :S Why is it that i cant fall asleep for the life of me at night, but during the day anytime i sit down im out almost instantly? i must be nocturnal or something there is simply no other answer :( anyways sorry for this somewhat angry post im just frustrated that it is 12:05, that im exhausted, and yet i cant fall asleep. does anyone have any good theories/ things that help them sleep at night!? come on folks im desperate!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Absence Seizure

One day nearly a year ago in our Freshman year of college when Mandy and I were so excited about all the new things we were learning, Mandy learned in ... sociology? i think?.. that absence seizures are a real thing that people have! what is an absence seizure you may be asking? well it is when you just like blank and its like your brain just shuts down for a few seconds! well ok so thats probably not the real definition but I dont really remember what it was exactly. But i remember Mandy telling me about them for reals! (ignore my sentence structure/grammar. its getting worse and worse i swear. maybe its a good thing im going back to school) Anyways! Today on the way home from work i TOTALLY had an absence seizure! I was about half way home when all of a sudden im just stopped at a stop sign and I vaguely hear honking in the background but it seems so far off... and then a few seconds later my brain like snapped back on and i realized that i was stopped at a stop sign and had been for who knows how long and cars behind me were honking and some were even proceeding to drive around me through the stop sign! It was the weirdest thing! I seriously have no clue what happened... maybe i fell asleep? i really have no idea. how embarrassing. good thing i didn't get myself killed :P haha im sure this is what my face looked like...

I know. I know... its homer. You may be saying, "but ashley! you claim to not like the simpsons!" Well it was the first image that popped up on google and I didn't want to search harder. besides its a pretty good drool face if i do say so myself. And after watching the simpsons so much with wes it is hard to not admit that it is funny... I still dont agree with everything that is on the show though! and that is the story of my absence seizure.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Screenplay

Tonight as I was reading through some of the old emails Wes sent me.. i know i know. Dont say it. Reading old emails is kinda pathetic but sometimes it helps me miss him less to read old emails/blog posts that he wrote :P he is such a dork i love it! Anyways, tonight I found this old email that I had completely forgotten about! He sent it to me one night after we had watched the office episode where Pam and Jim find the screenplay in Michael's office that Michael had written about himself with the stupid side kick that ends up being dwight.. anyways this is what Wes sent me. It is SO him! haha enjoy the following email is the opening scene to his screenplay.

Tomahawk, Starring: Wesley Moss Co-Starring: Ashley Greenwood‏

Hacking through the thick foliage with a machete, Mr. Kyle D. Tomahawk makes his way through the merciless jungle. He pushes back his shaggy brown hair, drenched from sweat, out of his blue eyes. With a swing of his machete, the thick trees in front of him unveil a clearing, in which, a lone concrete bunker sits in the middle. Next to the bunker sits a large hum-vee. Tomahawk squints at the rush of light into his eyes. He sets down his burdensome backpack as he studies the bunker from afar. He sees a soldier walk out from the bunker and grab something from the vehicle. Slowly, Tomahawk reaches for his Uzi which dangles from his belt just to assure him it is still there. Quietly, he walks out into the clearing, making sure not to catch the soldiers attention. Tomahawk gets within steps of the soldier when he steps on a branch, getting the guard's attention. He picks up his AK-47, but it's too late, a fatal blow to the head with the machete silences the soldier forever.

Tomahawk stealthily walks towards the metal door of the bunker which is slightly cracked open. He crouches down next to the door and listens to two men talking.

Pablo: Where is Carlos with that equipment? I sent him out there almost 5 minutes ago. Richetti, go check up on him.

Richetti: Yes, sir.

Tomahawk looks around for cover, but there is none close enough. The cold metal door opens up. A large, burly Colombian man looks down on Tomahawk.

Richetti: Pablo! We have an intruder!

Richetti pulls out a dagger and begins to swing at Tomahawk, but Tomahawk is too quick and rolls out of the way. Tomahawk lifts his Uzi and blasts Richetti several times. Richetti drops to the ground. Tomahawk quickly gets up and runs to the entrance of the bunker, but quickly stops because Pablo has a pistol pointed at him from across the room.

Pablo: I did not expect you to find us so fast, my amigo.

Tomahawk: Where is the girl?

Pablo moves out of the way to reveal a girl gagged and tied to a chair.

Pablo: Now drop your gun, or you die.

Tomahawk stares into the woman's eyes from across the room and she stares back.

Pablo: Drop your gun, Senor!

Tomahawk begins to set the gun down, but quickly raises and shoots a volley of bullets towards some fuel tanks on the side of the room. A massive explosion ensues, knocking Pablo to the ground as his gun slides just out of his reach. Pablo looks up and reaches for his gun, but Tomahawk steps on his arm.

Tomahawk: Nobody can defeat me, Kyle D. Tomahawk.

Tomahawk raises his Uzi up to Pablo's head. His index finger begins to pull on the trigger.

Pablo: Wait, I must know before I die! What does the 'D' in your name stand for?

Tomahawk: (Zoom in on Tomahawk's lips, with scruff around it)…Death…(You then hear the Uzi firing.)

Tomahawk places his gun back on his belt and majestically pulls out his machete. He pulls off the gag and cuts off the thick rope with his machete. She stands up and looks lustfully up into Tomahawk's eyes.

Girl: Thank you, kind sir.

They both move in to kiss each other, but before they do, the girl goes limp. Tomahawk looks down at her neck to see a poison dart sticking out of it. He turns his head back to the door and sees a native Indian dressed in nothing but a loincloth, holding a blowgun. Saying nothing, the Indian runs out of the bunker. Tomahawk sets down the girl, and runs out after him, but he has disappeared back into the jungle. Tomahawk falls on his knees.

Tomahawk: (veins pulsing through neck) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Fade to black)
Wesley Moss

I love how my only line is Thank you kind sir :P lol boy I miss him like crazy! I know that he is supposed to be on a mission though and I'm so grateful for the example he sets for me! anyways i hope you all got a kick out of the screenplay lol.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Annual Mt. Timpanogas Sunrise Hike!!

So it has become somewhat of a tradition for me and Heather to hike up Timp during the night so we can be on top for the sunrise! Thursday Night we decided was going to be the day that we continued the tradition for this year :) we started hiking around 1:40 am. friday morning and got to the saddle (too much wind on the very very top) where we watch the sunrise around 5:30 am :) I was a little nervous since last year half way through the hike i got sick! But my stomach was fine this year and it made the experience much more pleasant! It is always so fun to have all those catch up hours to talk with heather during the hike! not to mention that because we are so tired by the end that we get super hyper and slap happy lol. its the best. Another thing we are very proud of is that 3 boys started hiking like 5 minutes before us and we ended up beating them to the top by a half hour! woot woot! go us haha we were shocked we thought when we passed them that they would probably end up passing us back but i guess we were faster then we usually are or something! anyways here are some pictures from the hike :) oh! minor story real fast though! so when we were on our way to our tree that we always go to the bathroom under we ran into a deer! it was 3 ft away from us and it just stared at us! i was terrified it was going to attack us or something because it just kept looking at us! we were talking and everything and it didn't run away! what happened to deer being afraid of people!? if we were hunters it would've been so dead. anyways haha it was kinda cool but me and heather were like uh... what do we do? should we turn around and walk back or stand here and hope it eventually goes away? I think it was confused by our head lamps or something.. maybe thats why it didn't run away haha.. but we eventually made it to our tree in safety :D

heather and I before we started the hike!

us when we got to the saddle and were waiting for the sunrise! it was super cold so this is our "Brr" faces! haha we're dorks i love it. we laughed for like 10 minutes about heathers face in this picture! i was dying! my stomach hurt so bad from laughing so hard :P

here comes the sun!!!

the beautiful sunrise! it was so bright!

before heading back down :) heather in her ninja head band and me in my fiesta jacket! (aka my dad's super snazzy windbreaker)

me by the stream that goes through the trail several times towards the bottom of the hike

the after hike snapshot

yay! we FINALLY made it to the bathrooms at the bottom of the hike!
haha the whole last hour of the hike was kinda slow goin because i had to pee SOOO bad! every step was pure agony for the bladder! but i'd already gone to the bathroom several times in the wilderness and didn't want to squat again!

It was a way fun hike :) and very entertaining. because when you haven't slept in 24 hrs everything is entertaining! also I haven't been sleeping well at ALL the last few weeks ugh... so frustrating! but yesterday when we got back from the hike around 10 i slept the best that i've slept in weeks!!! like a rock! until 4 when i had to wake up and get ready for work haha so if you're ever not sleeping well stay up all night hiking timp and your body will be begging for a bed :D

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Woo Hoo!!

phelps after the times come up on the scoreboard and he realized the Americans won gold!

Go U.S.A!! holy cow!!! i love the olympics! the 400-meter freestyle relay was amazing!! i was dying! I can't believe Lezak pulled out a 46 second split in his 100 m. leg to out touch Alain Bernard at the wall by 8 tenths of a second to take the gold! it was amazing! serves Alain Bernard the Frenchman right for saying "We will smash them. (in reference to the americans) that is what we came here to do." smash probably wasn't a word he wanted to throw at them.. haha haven't they watched enough sports movies? the underdog when told they wont win always wins :D oh man... it was amazing i'm still in shock if you missed it you HAVE to go here to get the recap. i couldn't find a video but oh man. i hope everyone saw it! it was glorious :P

the US 400 meter relay team!

my other favorite things to watch during the olympics include, gymnastics, diving, ok who am i fooling i pretty much will watch any of it :D lol

Friday, August 8, 2008

dun dun dun..!!!

I know all my faithful readers are waiting in anxious anticipation to hear all about my first car accident so hear it goes.

Last week I was running rather late (like a half hour late) to work after the family had been floating the river due to some problems the boy tube trip had in the form of; popping tubes, boys shoes being lost, and some not getting out of the river in the right place and so on and so forth. So i get home and see my sister's boyfriend? friend? whatever they call themselves- car on our driveway in between mine and my sisters. I was confused at first because Kristin and Nathan weren't home from youth conference yet but my confusion was remedied when i saw him asleep in kristin's bed. he is a family friend so he let himself in and was now napping haha. yeah after being on vacation with us in lake powell so much, he's practically family. Anyways so im hurrying frantically trying to get dressed, throw my hair up etc. when my mom comes down with a letter from wes! this was saturday so i was ecstatic since i though i wasn't going to get a letter that week since usually they come thursday or friday. Moral of the story is im so thrilled i cant think straight im so rushed that im REALLY not thinking straight as i run out to my car. I get in my car shove the letter in my purse praying for a non-busy moment to read it at work since im dying to know what it says plus there are pictures!!! i LOVE pictures :D haha wow... i take lots of tangents in stories.. sorry.. back to the story.. i shove the letter in my purse, jam the keys into the ignition and throw my car into reverse and thats when it happened... CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang it! i had totally forgotten that josh's car was parked up top instead of at the bottom of the driveway! I had just flown into auto pilot reverse without even looking! so i SLAM on my brakes not daring to move and feeling very tempted to curse under my breath. My dad who happened to be in the garage comes out calm as ever (seriously HOW is he always so calm?) and tells me to pull back forward and then says its ok i'll fix it go to work. so i leave all shaken up and when i get to wingers i get out to examine my car there wasn't any damage. i was amazed it sure hadn't sounded good!

When i got home and asked my dad about josh's car he said that me and josh must be living right cause he had been able to fix it before josh even woke up. apparently (my dad said this in much more eloquent terms and i dont even know if i have the facts straight but to my best understanding..) the crash had been mostly tire to tire impact, and the only damage was alot of rubber on his rims from my tire, and the whole bumper had been peeled away breaking the points of attachment. miraculously according to my dad the bumper hadn't bent at all otherwise it would've cost alot to replace but since it hadn't been bent he was able to make new places of attachment and just basically pin it back down. how lucky!

Anyways that is the story of my pathetic first car accident that happened in my driveway. jeez. But both cars survived the ordeal and my ego is only slightly marred but i think i'll survive :D looks like me and suzy (my car) still have many fun filled adventures to live through together!

me and suzy! shes a cutie and very nice. (and yes cars can be cute, friendly or mean! haven't you seen the movie cars?)

on another note i have been a bookworm this week! So far this week i've read; hazardous duty by Betsy Brannon Green, Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (kellie you can finally have your favorite book back!!! yay! haha took me long enough) and now I am almost done with Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer the newest twilight book! i've loved them all haha i love reading. next on my list are The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and The Host by Stephanie Meyer. not exactly great timing since i should be studying for my A. Heritage final thats next week but meh, oh well i could be wasting my time doing worse things i suppose :D

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

come and gone

well the family from out of town have come and gone now. well ok so they technically all left between saturday and monday, but i was waiting on posting to see if auntie jill would post before me, so i could link to her page, but alas she hasn't so im going to post anyways :D

I love when family comes into town! its the perfect excuse for everyone to get together :) we probably set a new family record for the amount of family gatherings/barbeques in one week. yum. To avoid boring my readers completely i wont go through the entire week's activities just mention a few.

on Thursday my parents, grandparents, Lyle and his wife to be Zaret and her family came and visited me at wingers. My dad had just barely gotten his new camera and was a little picture happy haha so he got me "in action" as well as one of everyone at the table :)
"in action" taking shay's order ha with the very bright new uniform.

everyone at the table (since they were my only table at the time i was eating too hehe)
left side: me, Zaret's mom Dina, Zaret, Lyle, Mom
right side: Grandpa, Grandma, Teancum, cousins you cant see that well

Then Friday was the wedding!!! Lets see... hi-lights of the day include wedding breakfast at magelby's! yum! it was delish. setting up the entire reception in my aunt's backyard. (seriously my aunt jennifer, and tamara are pro they should start a business) But the best part of the set up was watching my dad and uncles all work together to pick up the trampoline and put it on the other side of their fence in no man's land! haha it was hilarious i so wish i had a picture. they were all like school boys again jumping over the fence to grab it before it took down the fence. maybe you just had to be there. Of course the dessert at the reception made the list of hi-lights (you know me im never one to turn down dessert) The traditional mexican dollar dance that i might have to carry on at my wedding even though im not really of mexican descent... and of course the going crazy with the aunts and cousins (even though half the cousins didn't make it :( sad day. we missed you at the wedding kris, amy, and lisa!)

here is one of the many videos taken of us goin crazy ha ha we love this song and we love tim mcgraw! this brought back memories from the tim and faith concert we all went to last year!

all the cousins and aunts after the tim and faith concert last summer :)
left to right: aunt risa, aunt paige, lauren, me, amy, my mom, kristin, aunt tamra, lisa, and aunt pattie!
bottom row: aunt jill

anyways here are just a few of my favorite photos from the wedding.

me and lauren watching their video. i love it just because we're both holding probably about our 5th glass of rasberry yuminess :P

me and my mommy! :)

2 of the cutest little girls ever! Kelsie and Emma
Kelsie was my little pal after i had to babysit everyone while the parents were in the temple :) she would only put on her underwear under her dress cause my aunt told her i might be wearing princess underwear too! haha she is so cute

3 generations. my mom's mom, me, and my mom!
all the single available men waiting to catch the garter.
because my uncle Lyle is 30, the youngest of all his brothers and has no single friends the oldest one was 14 :D

my cousin Nelson age 11? or 12, wins the prize. haha kinda young to be getting married next :D

more of the craziness! haha i especially love my face and aunt jill's exuberant dance move :D

we're all slap happy at this point its been a long day

On Saturday, the whole fam met up at South Fork Park to relax, have a picnic, and finish off all the extra desserts from the wedding reception :) then the kids got to float the provo river! I went to be one of the "adult supervisors" in the girl group (we only had a certain # of tubes so there was the girl group and the boy group)

the "girl group" ready to brave the ice cold water

nothing can stop us we're crazy greenwoods!

the girls i was in charge of. hiedi, candace, erin, shaylyn, kimberly, and marta! We were fine up until the point where we were supposed to get out of the river :P I was the only one standing trying to move towards the side of the river and holding onto 5 other tubes wasn't making it easy! they were pulling me down river awfully quick! luckily there were big strong guys who had just gotten out before us and they jumped in to help me! phew!

Anyways that about covers all the hi-lights congratulations if you made it through the long post.

coming soon: Ashley's First Car accident, and boating with the scouts. stay tuned.