Saturday, June 21, 2008

summer fun! :)

this week i have been able to get out of the house and do some fun things! yay! I went to seven peaks with some of my family (those of us who were home this week) and it was lots of fun :) I haven't been getting out enough lately so it felt awesome to have stuff to do this week! The sad thing is the new ride at seven peaks that they got last year was closed... lame.. so i still haven't been on it, but my brother, Nate, said it isn't that fun anyways haha :P Also me and kristin swear that the waves in the wave pool are way wimpy compared to what they used to be like? anyone else notice that lately? maybe its just us :D haha they seemed way bigger and lots more fun when we were little.

Nate lounging in the sun :)

kristin, nate, mommy, and shay shay!

shaylyn in her tube lair.

I also got to go to the Rodeo with Heather!!! woot woot! it was so much fun :) and bein there with pleasant grove royalty has its perks ;) haha free food and more importantly... strawberries and cream! which is the best part about Strawberry Days :D We had so much fun watching the rodeo too although we didn't understand any of the scoring and technical things about it haha :P although i didnt like the calve roping it looked so cruel! their was also a moto cross show in between the wild cow milking and bull riding and it was... ridiculous! holy cow i was scared for their lives! my question is how they practice all those ridiculous tricks without killing themselves! i mean, they cant possibly do them all perfect the first time! they are ridiculous tricks! flips, handstands, no hands, swervy swerves ... haha ok i dont know the real names of the tricks but me and heather seriously screamed on the first trick lol scared for their lives for them i guess. after the Rodeo we went to her house and watched the results of SYTYCD and i am pleased with the 2 that got voted off. I didn't like Susie and Marquis was AMAZING technically so he should go dance on some professional company but i didn't really like his personality and agreed with the judges that his solo was all tricks. So far all 4 Utah dancers remain!

me and heather in the stands! its a small world! the girl behind me to the right, was in my ballet class at byu. apparently one of her roommates is from pleasant grove who i coincidentally used to lifeguard with at pg pool :D

me and heather in front of the arena! it was so cute all the little girls waved at heather and wanted to talk to heather haha she was like real royalty to them :) so cute!

Then Yesterday after all the rodeo excitement i got to go with another friend, Tava to do baptisms at the temple :) We have decided to go every friday and atleast try to keep up with all of our friends out on missions in the spiritual growth department :P I am so grateful that my friends are such a good example and positive influence on me! I love them dearly! Because we were the only two at the time doing confirmations, one of the cute little temple workers told us about the people that we were confirming. They were from Belgium, born in the 1750's, what was going on during their lifetime etc. I thought that was really cool nobody has every told either of us about the people we were doing work for before, and it was cool :) it made it more personal somehow haha.. i hope he is there every friday! he was so cute :) he also winked at us when he told us that in 110 yrs when we die we'll get to meet them in heaven :D haha i hope im not still alive in a hundred and ten yrs!!!
since i haven't introduced tava to the blog here are some pics
me, casey, caitlyn, starlee, kayla, and tava at the manti pageant last summer :)

me and tava showing off our colorful teeth after we ate Popsicles at the zoo last summer :D mine are red, hers are blue. haha i love this girl :D

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