Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So on Saturday after my little brother Andrew got home from scout camp we decided that since neither of us were doing anything we were going to go to a movie!!! Actually, it was all his idea. I was shocked really that he would want to go to a movie with me instead of hangin with his friends or passing out on the couch after scout camp! But he asked if i wanted to go to Ironman so... we did! :) He was my first hot date since wes left and it was a blast :D lol oh wait. he told me i wasn't allowed to call it a date. well it was my first time out to the movies with a boy since wes left haha but still... not a date!! :D He also informed me ahead of time on the way out to the car that if I got scared and "jumped on him" like i did to wes that he would move 5 seats away from me! lol so I contained myself from jumping the whole movie like a good girl :P The sad thing is that for just the two of us we got the big tub of popcorn and yes... we ate the whole thing!!! well minus like an inch on the bottom but still.. it was extra buttery and everything! heart attack in a tub really :P why are all the things in life that are bad for you taste so darn good :P but thats why i go running.
there were only a few other people in the theater besides us :P and when we first got there as you can see we were the ONLY people in the theater!

Andrew and me waitin for the show to start!

Then last night an old friend Coulson Goodwin and I went to Get Smart. It was hilarious!! we thought at least :P ok maybe just I thought it was because I tend to be easily amused, but I love Steve Carell he is hilarious and I quite enjoyed this movie :) Me and Coulson go way back to the ALL program in elementary! yay for "all lindon losers" (that is what the rest of the school called us cause we were the nerds lol. it really stood for accelerated learning lab) haha I haven't seen him much though since we went to seperate high schools up until I started working at Wingers where he and his friend are regulars :) It was lots of fun to hang out with him again. and apparently he doesn't live very far away. He somehow still remembered where my house was and "claimed" we rode the same bus in the 6th grade... how the heck does somebody remember that? but it turns out he was right we did ride the same bus my little sister vouches for him. I must be gettin too old im having memory loss problems ;) haha jk have a great day everyone!

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