Sunday, June 8, 2008

new blog'n spot

As my co writer on the ashandwes blogspot has taken a long leave of absence, i have decided that it would be best to begin my own blog while he is gone. He is my best friend and i am so glad that he has made the decision to go on a mission and fully support him in that but i cant carry on our blog without him! i will however update on his mission on the old blog occasionally whenever i feel inclined :) as for now... welcome to! And you better appreciate the effort i put into this :P with wes gone i have nobody to help me with the computer stuff that im so undeniably horrible at :D for example it took me literally 2 hrs to figure out how to customize your own blog template... yeah im that bad when it comes to computers!!! another example of my computer un coordinatedness (yeah i couldn't think of the word i wanted to use there) would be the fact that wes set up an online bank account for me in the last week he was here and i, a week later, have already forgotten my user id AND password. oh brother... but here is to a new beginning. a new blog, a new start, hopefully new friends as well :P i cant spend all my free time in my bedroom its depressing!!!


Alyssa said...

love the template! way cute! Also i tagged you so check out my blog to see what it is! :)

Katya said...

haha Alyssa said exactly what I was going to the template! it's way cute! haha :)

Anonymous said...

mm.. thank you for this