Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day!!!

Happy Fathers day Dad! and to all fathers and future fathers out there :D i hope you had a great day! Thanks dad for all your hard work!!! I love you so much and seriously think you are the best dad in the world... unrealistic i realize since everyone thinks that, but you really are!! You have been the best example to me and even though all my guy friends in highschool thought you were scary (ok not all) and all my girlfriends thought you were shy, oh boy do i know different!!!!! you are the funniest, nicest, wouldn't hurt a fly kinda dad in the whole world. I love it when you wear your "stylish racing stripes" sweats that we got you after we made you retire your 100 yr old sweats. and i love when you dance around the kitchen like me and shay. i love it when you wear your safari hat whenever you are out in the sun. I love when you wake me up in the mornings and you're the only one who successfully gets me up with out making me grouchy hehe. I love that you keep the family from killing each other haha the ultimate peace maker :P and thanks for paying for my schooling!! you dont know how relieving it is to not have to worry about if i can afford it or not. I still remember when i was little and i lost my friends giga pet and mom got super mad at me and i was really upset in my room you told me it would be ok but that i would have to help buy my friend a new one :) you have always been good at making me feel better after i've gotten down on myself. or the time i lost yet ANOTHER pair of earrings when i was 12 and you told me it was ok and that you lost a lot of things too that i just had to try harder to put them in the same place so i didn't lose them haha. not to mention you've been the perfect example of how to honor your priesthood to me and i hope someday i can marry someone as awesome as you! LONG STORY short, thanks for everything you do for me and our family we all LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

things i got from my dad:
*love for being active!
*my awful jump reflexes
*my habit of losing things
*i hate conflict and fighting
*try to be honest and nice to everyone
*his bushy eyebrows
*his big bubble bum haha (he says its good for biking :D)
*im better at sinking then swimming
*im stubborn and competitive

things i didn't get from my dad
*his HUGE brain
*probably alot of other things... i just didn't get his smarts... ok and he probably tried alot harder in school then me. im still working on fixing that one :P

pics of my daddy!
me and my amazing parents after graduation

dad bein goofy! this was right after i got my camera and he was testing the automatic picture taker setting. apparently it takes when the subject smiles so he put on his goofy grin :D

my mom and dad in front of the st. george temple :)

dad and all us kids on his birthday last year! haha im not sure what face nate is making in this picture lol.

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