Thursday, June 26, 2008

so happy :)

so, yesterday was a great day! :) A) wes called me from the airport and we got to talk for about 25 minutes!!!! it was seriously the best I cant even explain in words. haha i dunno it felt so good to talk to him again! i had told him about something i've really been struggling with in my life in the last letter i sent him and he like.. studied all about it and talked to one of his teachers about it and really gave me some amazing advice and yeah.. it was so so cool! I love missionaries :) its so neat to see how wes and danny and brandon and everyone on missions has already changed!! its so incredible really :P when he first called me though (it was 5 am) and i was so out of it that i hit the side button that turns off the sound and like threw it on the ground like i always do in the mornings and then.... it HIT ME! oh my heck!!! this is the day wes is leaving. maybe that was him calling from the airport, not my alarm! sure enough it had been a no number phone call and he left a message which totally made it sound like he wasn't going to call again and i was freaking out! oh my gosh this sounds so stupid but i seriously prayed so hard that he would try to call me one more time!!! it took 10 minutes(he had to buy a new phone card or something) but he called again and i was on cloud 9!! seriously it was the shortest 25 minutes of my life though :P haha im so glad i got to talk to him and im so glad he chose to go on a mission! i know he is going to be so awesome :) anyways... wow... sorry so long but this is my only form of journal so i want to be able to remember everything ya know? so keep that in mind as i ramble on like every post i ever write everybody haha :D from the lack of comments it would seem nobody reads it anyways which is fine and means i can ramble as much as my heart desires! :P anyways.. back on track... my day was so great B) because we got to watch my neighbors dog for a little while!!! anyone who knows me knows that i have desperately wanted a dog my whole life!! ah! but my mommy doesn't like them so i have to wait until im the mom lol. We even let him run and play with us in the house (since my mom is gone at girls camp and my dad was gone on business which left me in charge :D) mom if you read this sorry! i couldn't help it! you know me :P anyways here are some pics of me and the most cute adorable dog ever! i want to adopt him! oh and the funny thing on his collar is something that shocks him when he barks. they are trying to train him to bark less cause he is a loud little one :D

isn't he so cute!! ah! i want him.

me and little catcher :)


Jeff said...

what, you got a call and we didn't? I see how it is

Ash said...

he called his dad too... haha sorry! :P i feel bad... but not quite bad enough to wish he had called you instead of me :D that probably makes me a bad person. oops, sorry jeff you'll have to get mad at him in your next letter ;)

Heather said...

oh my gosh ashley!! Wow that's so exciting! Oh and by the way i TOTALLY would've prayed for another call too!! I'm happy for you! Cute dog! love ya!