Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Lake Powell!

my boat tied to the houseboat.

ok so i finally downloaded the pics from lake powell onto my computer and why not write about lake powell since i dont have work today and i have nothing to do haha :) first of all lake powell is my favorite place on earth!!! seriously its so fun, so warm, there are like a zillion great things you can do there and its just... the best! haha i know im crazy. it was an amazing trip as always but by the end of the first day we knew it was gonna be an interesting trip! by the end of the first day the mickelsen's mom had set her bangs on fire, my mom had chipped her front tooth off eating a sandwich, AND our boat got an electrical short on our nightly ski run so we were stranded for nearly 2 hrs!!!! we were finally found and so we got the mickelsens boat and had them tow us 3 miles back to our houseboat in the DARK. it was pretty crazy but we finally made it and in the morning my dad (due to his genious genes which i didn't get!) was able to fix the electrical problem so we didn't have to cut the trip short.
everyone trying to flag down a boat the only one we'd seen for nearly 2 hrs!

my whole family loves boating and we do pretty much everything haha although not necessarily well :D but it is a blast and i love spending the time at lake powell with my fam! one of the highlights of the trip was that we were all able to learn how to wake surf on the mickelsens nifty new boat :) it was so easy to get up but it was hard to continually surf the wake without the rope! i think my longest was about 10 seconds haha :P
my 10 seconds of glory

one of the nights we were there it poured rain and was really windy so both familys (14 people) had to all cram into the houseboat to sleep. it was super cozy and squishy but our worst fear( mostly the girls) was not that we could smell our stinky brothers but that a mouse was running a muck the houseboat and it might end up snuggling with us in the night! eek! previously that night, we had tried to chase it off the houseboat with brooms, but to no avail. in the morning we found it drowned in a bucket of water outside the houseboat. it really was kinda sad and ALMOST made me feel sorry for it. anyways we made it through the trip safely and here are a butload of pics.
me kneeboarding :) sadly i get almost more air on the kneeboard then wake board.

attempting to get air wakeboarding. kris, nate, and andrew are way better then me. nate even cleared the wake this trip! woot woot!

kris and meg loungin in the front of the boat

my favorite thing to do... ski!!!

my adorable baby sis shay

and what is water sports without the many many wipeouts haha they dont call me crashly for nothing :P


Mike Nelson said...

never been but yeah it looks fun! :)

kylie said...

oh, ashley! i love lake powell too!it looks like a blast!

Katya said...

Oh my gosh, I am so jealous. Lake Powell is so much fun! And that's so awesome that you can slalom! I can't even get drag with that, let alone get up. jealous, jealous, jealous :)

Dennis D Moss said...

Nice. You made me jealous so I started my own.


Edd said...

I grew up on lake powell excellent place to wakeboard!! Sadly the navy frowns upon such things :(