Saturday, June 28, 2008

another crazy weekend :)

two double shifts in the past 2 days. to say im tired puts it mildly lol. Im sure it only gets worse from here (at least that seems to be what people feel inclined to share with me. point and case my 19th birthday out with my friends at olive garden and waiter asks, "how old are you this year?" i say 19. and he says.. "it only gets harder, good luck") wow. I am not gonna lie to myself and say that he is wrong, but as it gets harder it gets more worth it right? growing up isn't easy but there are a lot of great things about going to school, getting married, having kids ya know? i dunno but it seems like the things you have to work the hardest at and for are the most worth it to me. but sheesh pessimism on my birthday was unacceptable!! ;) haha
anyways, so me and tava started out our weekend on friday by waking up at 5:30 and going to do baptisms which is quickly becoming the thing i look forward to every week! It is good to be able to do that with her and talk to someone about everything :) everyone is just so busy working (or getting married, cough.. ha jk i love you tiff, beth, kylee and marissa!) so when i do get to see my friends it is so much fun. then after i went running! also becoming one of my favorite things. haha you can run any emotions you have out of your system happy, mad, sad ya know? after running 5 miles i literally sprint to the shower and get to work in time to open all in like 40 minutes! i know. be shocked! this is me we're talking about, i am slow at everything! especially getting ready in the morning :P im at work and time goes on.. and on.. and on. and next thing you know im closing at wingers and get home at 12:15 am at which time i COLLAPSE into bed. I wish i could say that as a good girl trying to train for a triathlon i made it out for a run or to the pool, but alas i barely woke up in time to shower before making it back to wingers at 12:00 pm. sad i know! I tried to console myself by telling me that it was ok and that i could run after i got home from work but once again i end up getting home WAY later then expected and now what do ya know? I am not running but writing on my blog. meh oh well. It was so fun though!! today during the dead time between like 2:30 and 4:30 at wingers Jose and Nacho (two of the cooks) were teaching me and Aysia spanish!!! Pollo means chicken! my name is ashley is me llamo ashley! me encanta bailar means i love to dance or something like that, and Losiento? i dunno how to spell it means sorry and yeah..., i forgot most of what he taught us :P it was so funny we would be like Jose! como se dice... such and such and he would tell us real fast and we'd be like.. uh say it slower!!! man i wish i could speak another language so bad! I think it is so cool that people know more then one language! anyways me and Aysia have a long way to come before we can even say one sentence right in spanish! Jose was quizzing us on the restaurant terminology and we didn't know anything! :P I said Jose! I am a gringo (cause he was laughing cause i cant roll my R's) haha and he goes I not gringo im a browno! haha he was so funny today :) I think its amazing that missionaries can learn languages so fast!! definitely because its the Lords work i guess! anyways then it got super super super busy! so me and aysia were first and second off and i didn't get home until 10:00 pm! wow well what a day/ weekend! good thing i dont have a social life or i might feel like im missing out working the weekend away :D ah well i am happy and loving life for the most part!

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Jody Lynn said...

Ha ha...I know how you feel Ashley about being so busy you don't have a social life, and you want to do other things too (like go running), but you just don't have the time. I thought I'd just let you know that you aren't the only one who feels that way. It's good to be busy though. Oh, and I wish I could run five miles in a row like you are right now! I think that's amazing! Haha...I guess I'll just have to keep training. :) Have a good week Ashley!