Sunday, September 7, 2008

Summary of the week :)

wow! i went longer then a week without updating my blog! i think i deserve a gold star :D that hasn't happened in forever :P Anyways the reason i have been MIA this week is probably mostly due to school and other things. I dont really know.. and sorry in advance if this post is all over the place I am extremely tired for reasons I am sure you'll find out by the time you are done reading this post :D

School has actually been kinda fun? yeah shocker I really do like school for the most part. I dont have any science classes this semester (which i abhor with a passion) so maybe thats why :) i LOVE LOVE LOVE my D&C class. I love the professor and already feel inspired to be a better person ha as corny as that sounds. The class i'm the least excited for is English just because it is not one of my better subjects.. which you've all probably figured out by now after reading my blog posts :P Calculus has actually been kinda fun thus far because it comes easier since i already took AP Calc in highschool so the assignments have been kinda fun :P music 201 the teacher has an awesome accent. And Nutrition 201 im pretty excited for just cause im weird and like learning about that kinda stuff :P haha anyways thats the synopsis of my classes for this semester.

Lets see... well... pretty much i cant even remember what happened monday through wednesday this week haha. ugh i bought a lamp. and 2 of the wrong types of lightbulbs for it. So i still dont have a functioning lamp in my room which desperately needs another light source.

Thursday my friend Joshy Petersen from last year at byu was in town from Boise with his friend Spencer Bowen for one last little visit before he leaves on his mish. the whole day was a blast! After i got out of class at 3 i met joshy, spenc, and ali at the cougareat and then we decided we had to go bridge jumping for old times sake. Last year the very first week of school we went bridge jumping twice in one week so we decided to come full circle and do it again! :) it was crazy haha only last year we always went at night and so i had no idea how disgusting the water we were jumping in was! so gross lol. Oh and i did a back flip off the bridge that was exciting. It took me forever to get up the guts but i finally did it! Afterwards we rushed back and all got showered and ready in a half hour so we could meet up with a bunch of friends at Tucanos for dinner. mm mmm good! I ate SO MUCH but i had to get my moneys worth! :D then we headed to Progressive Power Tumbling cause Josh and all the guys pretty much lived there last year, so they all wanted to go one last time. Probably not the best idea we ever had to go to Tucanos before jumping and flipping on all the trampolines but whatev :D it was worth the tummy ache haha. THEN josh, ali, me and spenc went eighties dancing in Salt Lake! yeah it was a freaking jam packed day and i didn't get home until 3 but it was so good to see Joshy one last time before he left for Mexico City.
me and joshy

spenc in his eighties outfit haha

ali and joshy in their eighties outfits! You cant see ali's spandex but they were sweet lol very silver and shiny :P I didn't get a picture of mine but just picture this in your head... keds, yellow leggins, zebra mini skirt, tie die shirt, big earrings, big hair. it was awesome.

Friday i worked, that was pretty uneventful, saturday day i worked... and then after i got out of work I received a call from Spenc saying that me and my roommates should come up to bear lake! Well Mandy and holly were gone, which left me and chels. We were feeling adventuresome so we packed up our stuff and were on our way to bear lake an hour later. the drive ended up being 4 hrs long instead of 3 since we missed the turn off in logan and kept driving but.... we eventually made it :P haha i forgot how fun road trips can be with girls :D I'm so glad we went even though it was a butt load of money for gas. It ended up being one heck of a night haha that lasted ALL night long. We didn't sleep for even 5 minutes! we just played games, and watched movies, all night long. That made it interesting in the morning when we all had to drive back :P holy cow im so grateful i made it home ok! It is so hard to drive for 3 hrs when you haven't slept in 24 hrs! It took all my brainpower to keep my eyes open and to keep from swerving. But we're home safe and sound! here are a few pics from the night..

(me, spenc, kade, chels)
Ok, i HAVE to explain this photo before ya'll go assuming things and getting the wrong idea! We had driven out to this place with a huge heated pool, and hot tub, and only been there for 10 minutes when we got kicked out because it was closing.. SO, someone had the brilliant idea to go hot tubbing in the bath tub! It was pretty much the funniest most uncomfortable thing i've ever done shoving us all into that tiny little bath tub. but for the record, we're all wearing swimsuits and nothing inappropriate happened! :)

(back:ash, spenc, kade, chels. front: shay)
"shay! set the timer and jump in!" I was pretty much in hysterics at this point.

and this pretty much summarizes my mood the entire night. extremely loopy and slap happy :D Thanks to Spencer's grandma for letting us invade her home :)

all the pics from the ride up are on chelsea's camera and i am too lazy to try and steal them from her but we got some pretty good ones :P here are some not so important, random details of the drive.

miles traveled
*165 miles one way
time it took to get to bear lake
*3.5 hrs
time it took to get back to provo
*2.5 hrs
times we were lost
times we questioned our direction following skills
*a zillion
road kill
*2 cats
*4 skunks/raccoons
*1 bird
*1 deer
cd's listened to
*Jack's Mannequin
*Road trip Mix
*Red Hot Chili Peppers
*Something Coroporate
*KT Tunstall
# of gas stations we went to during one bathroom stop to find a working bathroom

well pretty much this week was great, but i cant procrastinate my homework any longer. ta ta for now :)

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