Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dear Mom,

I'm coming home. I just realized im not ready to spread my wings and fly from the nest yet. growing up is hard! can i just be your little girl forever? I miss my mommy hugs and my daddy hugs... and i even miss my loud crazy and smelly brothers who somehow always managed to tease ME even though im the oldest. I miss fights over clothes, who gets to shower first and who messed up the bathroom with my best friend kris (ok maybe not.. but i miss our sisterly chats and keeping her up all night talking) I miss shays touchy feely adoring nature and even her fits of i want my way NOW spoiledness :P haha

ok... so im not really coming home. but SERIOUSLY how many different kinds of 40 watt type B light bulbs are there! my lamp is retarded and i've now bought 3 different kinds of lightbulbs that are the WRONG types of light bulbs! and laundry... dont even get me started on laundry! you should see my room lol there is stuff hanging EVERYWHERE because i ran out of quarters and couldn't finish drying all my clothes. oh what a mess i am. your cooking is simply divine compared to my hurried meals of sandwiches, soup, burritos, and cereal :p I may not be coming home to live, but you can count on me for sunday dinner! plus like i said, i just miss the fam :)

love, ash.

p.s. did i mention your the best mom ever? :) i love you!


Ash said...

ASHLEY!! :) Hi. So, I saw you on campus the other day and was like, "You know? I have no idea what she's up to lately." Sad day... We've never really been that great of friends. :( But hey, why not start now? Hahaha. :P Anyway. This is me saying hi and letting you know I was thinking of you. :)

Oh. And uh, the lightbulb thing? I totally know what you mean. Somehow, we have a billion lightbulbs upstairs and NONE of them fit my lamp. So I have a new lamp, have for two months, and STILL have no light bulb in it. Meh. I'm retarded.
Haha. Funny part? I'M STILL LIVING AT HOME!!! :) Hehe.
Well, I did the moving out thing last year. THen... I ran out of money. ;) Haha.

Anyway. Hi! It was nice seeing you, even though we didn't even get to talk. :)

Ash said...

PS, your picture under your blog title thing? SOOO CUTE.