Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Has it really only been 3 days since my last blog post? it pretty much feels like its been a week! If this post doesn't make sense i apologize sincerely. i'm running off about 3 hrs of sleep right now and my roommates keep mocking my incoherent sentences :D well lets see where to start? i think i'll just hit the hi-lights.. Sunday night we made friends at ward prayer! miracles can happen ;) haha jk but now the only problem is that we are playing perhaps a little too much... so then we have to stay up all night getting our homework done.. awesome. oh well :) thats college right? Cleaning checks were today and in preparation for them we pretty much cleaned everything... well in the process of cleaning our sick nasty couches this is what we found...

ew sick gross ah! ew!!! We happened upon that sick disgusting little object when we were innocently taking the couch cushions off the couches, to try and vacuum the fur balls that kept coming up every time we reached into the deep dark abyss, to retrieve our runaway cell phones. Well when we told the front desk (by we i really mean my 2 roommates mandy and chelsea.. im kinda wimpy when it comes to confronting people and complaining) about the cigarette in our couch, they didn't even react and basically told us to clean up our own messes! Chels and Mandy were like uh... its not ours!!! it must've been there before we got there... but yay! now we're getting new couches :) i hope they look like our neighbors! they got lucky and got the nice couches :P

Besides finding gross things in our couches nothing that is really story worthy has happened the last few days... lots of homework, lots of cleaning, lots of playing (yay!) and not quite as much sleeping... but im pretty much planning on going to bed at 9 tonight so lets hope that i actually do :) haha.

oh! i got my blood drawn today too :) for the first time! i was pretty nervous, but it wasn't even bad at all. Pretty much i freaked out way too much about it and most the population of this earth freak out too much about it as well. Anyways that is all for now, have a great night everyone!

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Jody Lynn said...

I can't believe you found that sick thing in a couch on BYU campus!