Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Girls of Apt. 114

This week has been good :) my roommates become more and more my 2nd little family every day. haha here are a few photos of us from the last few days.

holly, me and chels snuggling on the couch watching a movie! haha

On Saturday night, we went to the stake relief society dinner and then the relief society broadcast :) It was a fun night, and Elder Uchtdorf (spelling?) spoke and it was amazing! I loved his talk, it was really good and a nice reminder to cut myself some slack because i am my harshest critic. Here are a few photos from after the dinner when we were waiting outside the marriott center for the broadcast to start :)

our family portrait outside the marriott center :D ash, mandy, chels, holly.
look! because of the slant of the sidewalk i look the same height as everyone! Also forgive me and holly for wearing flip flops... we didn't have any church shoes that matched our outfits.. i think that sounds like a good excuse for a shoe shopping trip soon! :)

chels took the camera and was catching our candid moments :P clearly we miss our missionaries or something haha.

that is what mandy thinks of candid photos :D

I was uncharacteristically willing to smile

and holly was taken by surprise.

Afterwards we all went to the Yoasis for dessert! it was delish! and is our newest healthy addiction! yay for healthy addictions :) we even have the yoasis calender of events and discounts

I heart my 2nd family :) they are all great girls and huge examples to me of strength, courage, and kindness and who are constantly there for me! I am glad that i get to live with them! every day is a new adventure for sure haha we're all nuts its a blast everyone feel free to come play!

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Casey said...

i looooove yoasis. i'm glad the frozen yogurt trend finally made it to utah. you guys are too cute