Friday, August 29, 2008

The First Supper :)

So we're mostly all moved in and unpacked now! well i am atleast... haha some of us have been slower then others :D but tonight we officially made our first meal! A few phone calls had to be made to parents asking questions like how do you cook chicken and how long do you do this etc... but wa la! we had angel hair pasta with alfredo sauce and chicken! and toast! hey thats a pretty well balanced meal right? ok ok. I fess up. The pasta was made from a box. But hey, we are on our way to being homemakers one baby step at a time :) Here are a few pics from the occasion for your enjoyment. The bright light at the table in the pictures is the lamp we have to use for light... apparently its okay for half the light bulbs in your apartment to be burned out before they let you live in it. hm... so anyways its our temporary fix.

holly getting her yummy dinner :)

chelsea, mandy, and holly enjoying our first meal :)

holly said there had to be one with me in it... i could've done without but here it is! it looks light in the room, but dont be deceived. its only because of the flash that it is light :P but minus our "list of concerns" ie: broken closet door, missing bed frame, broken screen door, burned out lights. we actually love our little home :)


Anonymous said...

ahhhh our little dinner. so cute! :)

Jody Lynn said...

Where are you living?

Ash said...

I am living at the Branbury apartments :)