Sunday, September 7, 2008

Frozen eggs?

So my roommates and I just made brownies and we went to use my eggs to mix in and the first 4 that we cracked open were frozen! I have never ever seen that happen before so i was quite confused :P haha our fridge tends to freeze everything.. grapes, lettuce.. too bad it has a mind of its own and wont let us turn down the temperature.
look the egg is frozen! pay no attention to my hair... i've been crazy and hyper all night and that is what happens haha.

our delicious brownies before we put them into the oven! dont they look so yummy :) chocolate and carmel!

And can I just say how much fun it is to live with 3 other girls? Cause holy cow I love my roommates dearly :) they are so much fun and so amazing! I look up to them all so much and it is so much fun to be able to spend so much time with them every day its just so much fun :) haha anyways... im being redundant here, but i really just love my roommates! but now for seriously im done posting on my blog for awhile :D


Ash said...

Nice pic Ash. ;) Hahahaha.

Ashley said...

haha... yeah. i know isn't it? :P