Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Weekend

Wow another weekend has come and gone.. how does it always go like that? i swear time goes 3 times as fast from friday to sunday as it does the rest of the week :P Friday wasn't too eventful, just did homework and went to work but Saturday was a blast. we of course started off the day with the Byu game in order to witness another shut out woot woot! except as exciting as that is... i would kinda like to see a close game one of these times.. haha then we crashed at home for a few hours because the sun seriously takes it out of you! we were all very sun burnt and very sweaty :D
chels and mandy at the game

me and holly at half time

later saturday night we went to classic skating with some guys chels knew from oregon (yeah we still dont have any friends that are actually in the ward... haha) but it was a total blast from the past! so much fun! We definitely were some of the worst skaters there though! holy cow i swear some of the people there must go ALL THE TIME because they were doing all these cool tricks! I was definitely jealous. Then this guy that had been doing tricks all night came up and asked if I wanted to do a trick with him and i said yes so i sat down on the ground with my arms underneath my legs and he grabbed my hands and was spinning me in a circle!! it was insane! i am pretty sure i was screaming. i cant believe he didn't drop me. haha so much fun. then we went home around midnight, made chocolate chip pancakes and watched how to lose a guy in 10 days which is one of my all time favorite movies! it was an awesome night. I heart my roommates they're the greatest.

mandy, holly, me, and chels at classic skating! ... and Alejandro in the background haha he looks so out of it.

Sunday morning none of us were in a hurry to wake up.. at first we were sad our church changed from 11 am to 1pm but now im thinking its probably a good thing. Seeing how we sleep till like 11:30 every sunday morning haha :P After church we went on a really long walk along the provo river parkway trail which is right behind our apartment. Seriously it is! Walk out our door and like 50 ft forward and you are on the trail :P It was so pretty :) The conversation wasn't bad either
cute little duck pond and cute little couple feeding the ducks :) if i knew them i'd send them this picture. i think its precious.

holly, chels, and me on our walk :) notice i have to stick my butt out all weird to be at the same height as the 2 little ones hehe.

now one with Mandy, holly, and chels!

now we are just about to have our Sunday dinner YUM! im starved. like usual haha. then we are going to ward prayer. to attempt to make friends :D attempt being the keyword lol. anyways that was my weekend in a nutshell. the end.

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Amanda said...

Hi!!! It was so fun to see you at the game! I saw you driving on campus (I think). I wish I got to talk to you tho. Hope everything is going good!