Thursday, October 9, 2008

My family :)

Wow! I went longer then a week without posting again! :) Im so proud of myself haha now if only I could get rid of my facebook addiction.. well one addiction at a time I suppose!

Anyways, a few weeks ago my family all gathered to take the dreaded "official" family photo :D It has been at least 3 years since our last official family photo. So my mom decided it was time for an upgrade since especially shay, andrew, and nate look completely different then they did 3 years ago. Family photos are only dreaded because it is the one that goes on the WALL. Which translated means, if you don't like how you look in the picture, too bad so sad cause its going on the wall anyways! Haha but for the first time in the history of "official" family photos, I actually approve of the one that was chosen to hang on the wall for the next 3 years! yipee! here are some of the ones that were taken.

the children :) Nate sure loved kneeling forever on the wooden bridge :D

the fam! :) and this is how she got all of us to smile...
photographer: "say, andrew farted."
family: "andrew farted!" haha what a knee slapper ;) aw man...

the kids in the greenery :P

the boys! :)

the fam. if we happened to choose this one we'd replace shay's face with a better one!

my favorite sisters in the whole world.

well thats all folks. tune in for more awesome "official" greenwood family photos in about 3 years!


Heather said...

Oh ash you all look so great!! I love it! You're so beautiful! I hopeyou're doing well! We REALLY need to catch up!! Love you lots!

Jill said... guys all look beautiful! What an awesome looking family!