Saturday, August 23, 2008

Absence Seizure

One day nearly a year ago in our Freshman year of college when Mandy and I were so excited about all the new things we were learning, Mandy learned in ... sociology? i think?.. that absence seizures are a real thing that people have! what is an absence seizure you may be asking? well it is when you just like blank and its like your brain just shuts down for a few seconds! well ok so thats probably not the real definition but I dont really remember what it was exactly. But i remember Mandy telling me about them for reals! (ignore my sentence structure/grammar. its getting worse and worse i swear. maybe its a good thing im going back to school) Anyways! Today on the way home from work i TOTALLY had an absence seizure! I was about half way home when all of a sudden im just stopped at a stop sign and I vaguely hear honking in the background but it seems so far off... and then a few seconds later my brain like snapped back on and i realized that i was stopped at a stop sign and had been for who knows how long and cars behind me were honking and some were even proceeding to drive around me through the stop sign! It was the weirdest thing! I seriously have no clue what happened... maybe i fell asleep? i really have no idea. how embarrassing. good thing i didn't get myself killed :P haha im sure this is what my face looked like...

I know. I know... its homer. You may be saying, "but ashley! you claim to not like the simpsons!" Well it was the first image that popped up on google and I didn't want to search harder. besides its a pretty good drool face if i do say so myself. And after watching the simpsons so much with wes it is hard to not admit that it is funny... I still dont agree with everything that is on the show though! and that is the story of my absence seizure.

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Dave and Amy said...

oh so that's what its called when I do that, I thought it was called spacing out, man it's kinda nice when it happens though. It's like a free stress reliever from the world. thanks for the comment girlie. you are so dang cute and I was so happy to see you at wingies too, thanks for the hugs and stuff. love ya