Tuesday, August 26, 2008

another great summer day :)

the fab day started out rather early for my particular liking (i've never been a morning person.) but even though my family all started laughing hysterically when they saw my lions mane for hair as i came up for scripture study this morning i was in a surprisingly good mood all day!

it continued to get better when all the aunts, me, and BFF cousin amy went to lunch at chili's! I'm so excited! Amy is the only cousin my age on both sides of the family and we've never seen each other more then once a year if that, but now that she is going to be down at byu our kindred spirits can finally be rekindled!
BFF Amy and me at lunch :)

After talking at my house for hours with Amzee I was off for one last carefree summer boating trip with friends before school starts and we all move etc. Thanks to Jody for inviting us all out on her boat it was a blast!

Alyssa and Kylie!

Heather and myself chillin in the front of the boat

miss jody, the perfect host and awesome wakeboarder teacher :D helped alyssa (pictured above) and heather to get up woot woot!

katie and her freaking long gorgeous ballroom dancin legs!

allysa, justin, and me. last tube run of the night :)

heather, kylie, and jody beautiful boatin girls

mikey, justin, alyssa, and katie on the way back to the launch ramp

Thanks everyone for the awesome day! It was a perfect last summer fling before I pack my whole life away tomorrow! meh... i hate packing.


Jody Lynn said...

Such cute pictures. :) I had sooo much fun with all of you guys. Thanks for coming. :)

kylie said...

those are such cute pictures! i love you ashley!!!

kylie said...
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