Wednesday, August 6, 2008

come and gone

well the family from out of town have come and gone now. well ok so they technically all left between saturday and monday, but i was waiting on posting to see if auntie jill would post before me, so i could link to her page, but alas she hasn't so im going to post anyways :D

I love when family comes into town! its the perfect excuse for everyone to get together :) we probably set a new family record for the amount of family gatherings/barbeques in one week. yum. To avoid boring my readers completely i wont go through the entire week's activities just mention a few.

on Thursday my parents, grandparents, Lyle and his wife to be Zaret and her family came and visited me at wingers. My dad had just barely gotten his new camera and was a little picture happy haha so he got me "in action" as well as one of everyone at the table :)
"in action" taking shay's order ha with the very bright new uniform.

everyone at the table (since they were my only table at the time i was eating too hehe)
left side: me, Zaret's mom Dina, Zaret, Lyle, Mom
right side: Grandpa, Grandma, Teancum, cousins you cant see that well

Then Friday was the wedding!!! Lets see... hi-lights of the day include wedding breakfast at magelby's! yum! it was delish. setting up the entire reception in my aunt's backyard. (seriously my aunt jennifer, and tamara are pro they should start a business) But the best part of the set up was watching my dad and uncles all work together to pick up the trampoline and put it on the other side of their fence in no man's land! haha it was hilarious i so wish i had a picture. they were all like school boys again jumping over the fence to grab it before it took down the fence. maybe you just had to be there. Of course the dessert at the reception made the list of hi-lights (you know me im never one to turn down dessert) The traditional mexican dollar dance that i might have to carry on at my wedding even though im not really of mexican descent... and of course the going crazy with the aunts and cousins (even though half the cousins didn't make it :( sad day. we missed you at the wedding kris, amy, and lisa!)

here is one of the many videos taken of us goin crazy ha ha we love this song and we love tim mcgraw! this brought back memories from the tim and faith concert we all went to last year!

all the cousins and aunts after the tim and faith concert last summer :)
left to right: aunt risa, aunt paige, lauren, me, amy, my mom, kristin, aunt tamra, lisa, and aunt pattie!
bottom row: aunt jill

anyways here are just a few of my favorite photos from the wedding.

me and lauren watching their video. i love it just because we're both holding probably about our 5th glass of rasberry yuminess :P

me and my mommy! :)

2 of the cutest little girls ever! Kelsie and Emma
Kelsie was my little pal after i had to babysit everyone while the parents were in the temple :) she would only put on her underwear under her dress cause my aunt told her i might be wearing princess underwear too! haha she is so cute

3 generations. my mom's mom, me, and my mom!
all the single available men waiting to catch the garter.
because my uncle Lyle is 30, the youngest of all his brothers and has no single friends the oldest one was 14 :D

my cousin Nelson age 11? or 12, wins the prize. haha kinda young to be getting married next :D

more of the craziness! haha i especially love my face and aunt jill's exuberant dance move :D

we're all slap happy at this point its been a long day

On Saturday, the whole fam met up at South Fork Park to relax, have a picnic, and finish off all the extra desserts from the wedding reception :) then the kids got to float the provo river! I went to be one of the "adult supervisors" in the girl group (we only had a certain # of tubes so there was the girl group and the boy group)

the "girl group" ready to brave the ice cold water

nothing can stop us we're crazy greenwoods!

the girls i was in charge of. hiedi, candace, erin, shaylyn, kimberly, and marta! We were fine up until the point where we were supposed to get out of the river :P I was the only one standing trying to move towards the side of the river and holding onto 5 other tubes wasn't making it easy! they were pulling me down river awfully quick! luckily there were big strong guys who had just gotten out before us and they jumped in to help me! phew!

Anyways that about covers all the hi-lights congratulations if you made it through the long post.

coming soon: Ashley's First Car accident, and boating with the scouts. stay tuned.


Dennis D Moss said...

I am getting so sick and tired of eating nothing but french food and your Wingers outfit made me hungry for some orange chicken. What was that friends and family discount again?

Ash said...

haha! 20%. from all the posts about the amazing food you guys are eating over there i didn't think you'd ever get sick of French food!