Friday, August 8, 2008

dun dun dun..!!!

I know all my faithful readers are waiting in anxious anticipation to hear all about my first car accident so hear it goes.

Last week I was running rather late (like a half hour late) to work after the family had been floating the river due to some problems the boy tube trip had in the form of; popping tubes, boys shoes being lost, and some not getting out of the river in the right place and so on and so forth. So i get home and see my sister's boyfriend? friend? whatever they call themselves- car on our driveway in between mine and my sisters. I was confused at first because Kristin and Nathan weren't home from youth conference yet but my confusion was remedied when i saw him asleep in kristin's bed. he is a family friend so he let himself in and was now napping haha. yeah after being on vacation with us in lake powell so much, he's practically family. Anyways so im hurrying frantically trying to get dressed, throw my hair up etc. when my mom comes down with a letter from wes! this was saturday so i was ecstatic since i though i wasn't going to get a letter that week since usually they come thursday or friday. Moral of the story is im so thrilled i cant think straight im so rushed that im REALLY not thinking straight as i run out to my car. I get in my car shove the letter in my purse praying for a non-busy moment to read it at work since im dying to know what it says plus there are pictures!!! i LOVE pictures :D haha wow... i take lots of tangents in stories.. sorry.. back to the story.. i shove the letter in my purse, jam the keys into the ignition and throw my car into reverse and thats when it happened... CRUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang it! i had totally forgotten that josh's car was parked up top instead of at the bottom of the driveway! I had just flown into auto pilot reverse without even looking! so i SLAM on my brakes not daring to move and feeling very tempted to curse under my breath. My dad who happened to be in the garage comes out calm as ever (seriously HOW is he always so calm?) and tells me to pull back forward and then says its ok i'll fix it go to work. so i leave all shaken up and when i get to wingers i get out to examine my car there wasn't any damage. i was amazed it sure hadn't sounded good!

When i got home and asked my dad about josh's car he said that me and josh must be living right cause he had been able to fix it before josh even woke up. apparently (my dad said this in much more eloquent terms and i dont even know if i have the facts straight but to my best understanding..) the crash had been mostly tire to tire impact, and the only damage was alot of rubber on his rims from my tire, and the whole bumper had been peeled away breaking the points of attachment. miraculously according to my dad the bumper hadn't bent at all otherwise it would've cost alot to replace but since it hadn't been bent he was able to make new places of attachment and just basically pin it back down. how lucky!

Anyways that is the story of my pathetic first car accident that happened in my driveway. jeez. But both cars survived the ordeal and my ego is only slightly marred but i think i'll survive :D looks like me and suzy (my car) still have many fun filled adventures to live through together!

me and suzy! shes a cutie and very nice. (and yes cars can be cute, friendly or mean! haven't you seen the movie cars?)

on another note i have been a bookworm this week! So far this week i've read; hazardous duty by Betsy Brannon Green, Fablehaven by Brandon Mull (kellie you can finally have your favorite book back!!! yay! haha took me long enough) and now I am almost done with Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer the newest twilight book! i've loved them all haha i love reading. next on my list are The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and The Host by Stephanie Meyer. not exactly great timing since i should be studying for my A. Heritage final thats next week but meh, oh well i could be wasting my time doing worse things i suppose :D


Dennis D Moss said...

Accident?! Who cares about the accident? We want to know what Wesley had to say in the letter! (Less all the mushy stuff ... if you want.)

kiwi moss said...

wait your reading the 4 th twilight!?
i just read the first and want to read the second but my mom wont let me !!