Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My poor little molly :(

After MUCH procrastination including:
*1 movie
*1 trip to Wal-Mart
* atleast 15 trips to the kitchen
*1 nap
*4 chapters in "The Host"
*3 hair do's
*2 suitcases
*2 giant boxes
*2 laundry baskets
*1 very full back pack
* and about 6 stubbed toes later...
I'm FINALLY done packing!!! well... pretty much done. One problem remains though... what to do with my poor poor gerbil Molly! she isn't allowed in the apartment, and my family, ESPECIALLY my mother want nothing to do with her :( so....

does anyone want a free gerbil or know anyone that would want her? or know of any alternatives to releasing her into the wild (thats what my mother plans to do, but even though molly is somewhat of a demon i just dont feel right about letting the birds eat her alive!) Anyways if you have any great ideas about who to give her to, or what to do with her i'd love to know! goodnight blogdom


Jody Lynn said...

I'm glad you're finally all packed! That's happy! Now you just have to move everything into your new apartment and unpack it again. :)

Ash said...

i know :P dang... the thing i hate 2nd after packing is unpacking lol