Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Screenplay

Tonight as I was reading through some of the old emails Wes sent me.. i know i know. Dont say it. Reading old emails is kinda pathetic but sometimes it helps me miss him less to read old emails/blog posts that he wrote :P he is such a dork i love it! Anyways, tonight I found this old email that I had completely forgotten about! He sent it to me one night after we had watched the office episode where Pam and Jim find the screenplay in Michael's office that Michael had written about himself with the stupid side kick that ends up being dwight.. anyways this is what Wes sent me. It is SO him! haha enjoy the following email is the opening scene to his screenplay.

Tomahawk, Starring: Wesley Moss Co-Starring: Ashley Greenwood‏

Hacking through the thick foliage with a machete, Mr. Kyle D. Tomahawk makes his way through the merciless jungle. He pushes back his shaggy brown hair, drenched from sweat, out of his blue eyes. With a swing of his machete, the thick trees in front of him unveil a clearing, in which, a lone concrete bunker sits in the middle. Next to the bunker sits a large hum-vee. Tomahawk squints at the rush of light into his eyes. He sets down his burdensome backpack as he studies the bunker from afar. He sees a soldier walk out from the bunker and grab something from the vehicle. Slowly, Tomahawk reaches for his Uzi which dangles from his belt just to assure him it is still there. Quietly, he walks out into the clearing, making sure not to catch the soldiers attention. Tomahawk gets within steps of the soldier when he steps on a branch, getting the guard's attention. He picks up his AK-47, but it's too late, a fatal blow to the head with the machete silences the soldier forever.

Tomahawk stealthily walks towards the metal door of the bunker which is slightly cracked open. He crouches down next to the door and listens to two men talking.

Pablo: Where is Carlos with that equipment? I sent him out there almost 5 minutes ago. Richetti, go check up on him.

Richetti: Yes, sir.

Tomahawk looks around for cover, but there is none close enough. The cold metal door opens up. A large, burly Colombian man looks down on Tomahawk.

Richetti: Pablo! We have an intruder!

Richetti pulls out a dagger and begins to swing at Tomahawk, but Tomahawk is too quick and rolls out of the way. Tomahawk lifts his Uzi and blasts Richetti several times. Richetti drops to the ground. Tomahawk quickly gets up and runs to the entrance of the bunker, but quickly stops because Pablo has a pistol pointed at him from across the room.

Pablo: I did not expect you to find us so fast, my amigo.

Tomahawk: Where is the girl?

Pablo moves out of the way to reveal a girl gagged and tied to a chair.

Pablo: Now drop your gun, or you die.

Tomahawk stares into the woman's eyes from across the room and she stares back.

Pablo: Drop your gun, Senor!

Tomahawk begins to set the gun down, but quickly raises and shoots a volley of bullets towards some fuel tanks on the side of the room. A massive explosion ensues, knocking Pablo to the ground as his gun slides just out of his reach. Pablo looks up and reaches for his gun, but Tomahawk steps on his arm.

Tomahawk: Nobody can defeat me, Kyle D. Tomahawk.

Tomahawk raises his Uzi up to Pablo's head. His index finger begins to pull on the trigger.

Pablo: Wait, I must know before I die! What does the 'D' in your name stand for?

Tomahawk: (Zoom in on Tomahawk's lips, with scruff around it)…Death…(You then hear the Uzi firing.)

Tomahawk places his gun back on his belt and majestically pulls out his machete. He pulls off the gag and cuts off the thick rope with his machete. She stands up and looks lustfully up into Tomahawk's eyes.

Girl: Thank you, kind sir.

They both move in to kiss each other, but before they do, the girl goes limp. Tomahawk looks down at her neck to see a poison dart sticking out of it. He turns his head back to the door and sees a native Indian dressed in nothing but a loincloth, holding a blowgun. Saying nothing, the Indian runs out of the bunker. Tomahawk sets down the girl, and runs out after him, but he has disappeared back into the jungle. Tomahawk falls on his knees.

Tomahawk: (veins pulsing through neck) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (Fade to black)
Wesley Moss

I love how my only line is Thank you kind sir :P lol boy I miss him like crazy! I know that he is supposed to be on a mission though and I'm so grateful for the example he sets for me! anyways i hope you all got a kick out of the screenplay lol.

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