Monday, October 20, 2008

Mesa Verde!

So this weekend I decided to be rebellious and skip school on Friday so that I could spend the weekend in Mesa Verde with the fam :) and to those of you that i told Mesa Verde was in Arizona I lied. accidentally of course! apparently Mesa Verde is really in Colorado. sorry my bad! But anyways it was a nice little get away from everything! and when i say everything I mean EVERYTHING :D haha no cell service, no internet service etc etc. Well I cant really remember any truly amusing stories to tell ya'll at this hour but I promise it really was so much fun! My family is pretty much the bestest :) my brothers make me laugh like there is no tomorrow! Shay is just the sweetest little thing! and Kris, well kris is just Kris! my bestest friend ha. the one i call when there is a picture of my brother with a girl up on facebook! (give us a break, it took him forever to come out of the cooties phase!) haha anyways I love my family. you get the point. I'll shut up now and post some pictures. Well... the few that i actually took with my camera that is lol.

the beginning of the 100 ft ladder to get to Balcony House. I am pretty sure the brochure exaggerated though, it couldn't have been more then 5o ft...

me and kristin on our 1st tour of the day to the ruins called "Balcony House"

the view from Balcony House

Andrew scaring me half to death by standing on a ledge at Balcony House!

Coming into Cliff Palace. the 2nd tour

Kris getting really excited about crawling through the tunnel lol

Cliff Palace: Is that amazing or what!? So cool, and so pretty!

Well That wasn't even a fraction of all the ruins or Cliff Dwelling remains that we saw, but I got tired of taking my camera to all the places :P But that pretty much concluded the trip. We just played alot of games in the hotel room that night and got to bed to prepare for the long heinous car trip back.

Sunday Morning rolls around and we all hop into the car at 10 am expecting to get back mid-afternoon. Well boy were we wrong. The drive to Mesa Verde took about 7 hours. We didn't get back from Mesa Verde until 9 pm! making 11 hrs of travel time! My dad decided to take the "more scenic route" aw... gotta love my dad :D haha he is awesome like that. I guess it did make for some more greenwood adventures! I mean really, I am pretty impressed we didn't kill each other after 11 hrs in the car :P I am pretty sure its safe to say that my parents owe their sanity to the fact that we all have a new found hobby of making thread bracelets.

We're pretty dang good after that super sized car ride lol! Who knows, maybe I should drop out of school and start a business ;) one of the things we did get to see on the way back was four corners :) it was 3 dollars a person though which was insane! I cant believe they make money off of suckers like us who just want to take a picture in four states lol, but apparently it works... we fell for it!

the fam minus dad (who was taking the pic) and plus tristan at Four Corners!

This picture is worth a million words! and... 3 dollars per person :D

Well that concludes the trip! I guess I better get back to studying... or maybe I should just go to bed. Well 39 more days till thanksgiving break!

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Casey said...

i drove from dallas texas all the way home a couple years ago. out of that whole drive, i thought this area was the most beautiful. i loved it