Monday, October 20, 2008

oh dear...

Well on Thursday this last week after I returned from work; Chels, Holly, and I were all just sitting on our living room couches goofing off like usual when me and holly got in a straw blowing fight. hm. that sounds weird. what i mean by straw blowing fight is you tear off one end of the paper cover on the straw and blow it at the other person :D you all know what im talking about right?! It's what everyone did to their brothers and sisters when they were little... or not so little :P either way, we were doing that. haha when we decided to have a sword fight and for some reason it ended up getting filmed :P So due to popular demand (Johnny) I have decided to post this somewhat humiliating video on my blog. This is so us. We get a little crazy at times, but that makes for some very fun and entertaining nights so im not complaining! enjoy the clip if you wish! or not. I dont really care, its up to you! but for those of you who do choose to watch, beware. the beginning is kinda pointless and fluff. it gets better! well... as much better as a sword fight between 3 giddy school girls can get that is :D

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