Wednesday, November 12, 2008

all blogged out

I haven't updated my blog in ages! The weird thing is, i just haven't really felt like it. I never thought the day would come when i'd be sick of blogging... but I am sick of blogging lol. But here is a quick update on my life for those of you who care :)

I registered for next semester and now officially have declared my major. I will be majoring in exercise science fitness and wellness emphasis if everything goes according to plans :D lol we'll see how well i like it and whether or not i stick to it! Next semester as of right now I am taking PdBio 220(human anatomy), ExSc 387(a nutrition class), D&C, Stat 221, and dun dun dun.... PUBLIC SPEAKING! aaaaaaaaaaah! that one I am most definitely not excited for! Those of you who know me know i'd rather die then give a talk in church! lol I dont know why I hate standing in front of people and talking so bad, but I do! I feel like people judge you or something, which i shouldn't care even if they do, but I care! So the fact that this class is required for my major almost made me want to not major in it (im dead serious haha. thats how much i hate public speaking) But now after much thought, i have decided that it'll probably be good for me and that maybe i can get over some of my fears and reservations about public speaking by taking this class... only time will tell! but atleast my roommate chels has to take it too as a prereq for dental hygiene school so i'll have a friend! I am also going to try and add a Latin ballroom class so fingers crossed they let me add :) I am also in the process of applying for a study abroad next fall so we will see whether or not i get accepted!

Thats all i really feel like saying at the moment, but here are a few pics from the time of my blogging leave of absence :)
my backyard :)

chels, me, and mandy on our little hike!

chels, hol, and mandy :)

chels and me at an ice hockey game!

bonfire with friends!
left to right: ash, allen, chels, dan, rob, holly, and kara

me and chels at the last home football game of the season

mandy, holly, johnny, and chels at his going away party :(

johnny and chels on our shopping trip! :) we miss our australian friend!

well thats all folks!


Jody Lynn said...

Good luck with Anatomy. That class will kick your butt! I'm recommended for my major to take Public speaking too! Scary! Thanks for the update. :)

kylie said...

i missed your blogging, though! i'm so glad you updated!