Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mini Me!

Tonight I went to Studio One's benefit Concert to see my baby sis shay! I had to pay someone 20 dollars to take my shift at wingers, but it was so worth it! My shay shay was adorable :) She really is a mini me and thats something im proud of :D she is adorable, but definitely is her own person. She has a lot more sass and personality in her dancing then i probably ever did :D she is definitely a little performer! I always was more the person who focused on perfect technique then on performing. But man, after going I miss dancing even more than i already did before! The concert was AMAZING! as always haha, and it was a benefit concert for Stephanie and Christian, and their family. Stephanie and Christian were in a plane accident a few months ago and are both still getting surgeries, and skin grafts (mostly stephanie who had 3rd degree burns over 85% of her body) so its always touching to be able to try and help someone who is in need of help, by doing something that we love to do. dance. But after crying multiple times during the concert (which has become routine the last few concerts since i quit dancing) and realizing I still want to dance so bad! it brings up the big question... do i try and get back into dancing or do i just give it up? Dancing just means so much to me its been so hard to give up... ugh. Anyways, i guess we'll see if i get accepted into study abroad or not.. if not maybe i'll try and whip myself back into shape for cougarette auditions... again. Well. we'll see. haha my life is full of so many question marks these days! lol. But anyways here are a few pics of me and shay over the last couple years at our concerts together :)

me and shay during intermission tonight :)

me and shay during intermission last year: look how much she has grown in a year!

me and shay after my very last concert in 2007

me and shay in 2006 :)

me and shay in 2005 :)

Well thats all for tonight. I miss dance. story of my life! Any advice anyone? Hm... we will see what happens i guess!


Ie Li said...

Don't give up dance! I still have yet to see you dance and I would love the opportunity to do so one day.

Katya said...

Oh man, yeah I hate going to concerts I used to perform in. It's so hard...don't give up dance :)
Which study abroad did you apply for?