Thursday, November 27, 2008


This year's greenwood Thanksgiving was kinda small since everyone decided to travel! but 3 of the 9 greenwood families all got together at Ron & Jill's house (uncle and aunt) for this years Thanksgiving dinner! It was DELICIOUS! as always, but I am sad to admit that not only has my brother Nate outgrown me this year, but he also out ate me this year! But I proudly admit that I still ate the most out of all the girls there! ;) Here are a few pics from the occasion

it was only me and lauren this year! love ya cuz!

my "i think my pant button is about to explode!" pic :D

looks like nelson and andrew are feelin the after effects of the turkey! or way full... or both

my daddy puttin on his cheesy grin!
haha my camera has this awesome setting where it automatically takes a pic when the subject smiles. the next few pics are from that game :P its oh so entertaining.

haha aunt jill and my mom! aunt jill trying to hide from the camera by covering her smile!

lauren! my gorgeous cuz

my uncle keith! I guess the cheesy smile runs in the greenwood side! (notice how alike he and my dad look. all the greenwood brothers are often mistaken for one another from behind)

even though Nate has outgrown me he still cant escape my hugs! But he sure tries... believe me!

my baby sis shay is always up for a snuggle though! :)

Well that is all, and I guess now it is time to list a few of the things i am grateful for!

1. my amazing family! I love them so much! They are the best and i wouldn't trade them for anything. Each and every one of them is so special to me! I am glad that we can strive to live with each other forever! which brings me to number dos!
2. the gospel! I dont know what I would do without it. I am grateful for my testimony, for a loving heavenly father, for the atonement! For parents who raised me right, for the holy ghost, for the plan of salvation, and for hope in the future!
3. all my amazing friends, you know who you are! Thanks for always being there for me! I think friends can often make or break a person and mine have always been the greatest! Thanks for helping me become the person I am today!
4. my amazing roommates! I know i can always count on you! You've been there through thick and thin. the tears, stress, laughter! I love you guys dearly! You are my home away from home.
5. life and health. I feel so blessed! I look at what some people go through and feel truly grateful for all the things i've been given. I am lucky to have grown up in this country in such an awesome family. to always have more then enough to eat, to be able to go to school (even though i complain plenty about it), to be able to run, walk, hear, see! everything!

Thank you everyone for everything you all do for me! I have the greatest family and friends a girl could ask for! I hope you all had a fabulous thanksgiving and that you're waist lines grew as much as mine did! :D

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