Saturday, February 21, 2009

Girls Night Out :)

Since I just got home from working a double, and dont really feel up to meeting up with my partying (partying in the lds sense of the word haha) roommates, I will write about last night lol. Last night, in celebration of my beautiful sister Kristin's 18th birthday we had a pretty awesome GNO. It all started off with my dad taking the fam out to dinner to La Dulce Vita! yum! which is always exciting since I dont cook for myself... AT ALL haha. I usually eat a lot of cereal, sandwiches, soup etc.
Then Me, Chels, Holly, Kris, and my cousin Lauren all headed to the byu gymnastics meet! :) we all have at one point in our lives done gymnastics, so we love watching that sort of thing. Even though none of us ever got good at gymnastics (except for kristin).
chels, holly, kris, lauren, and me at the marriot center :) Wow.. how'd i get all the tall genes, im like bending my legs, and sticking my hip out trying to be on the same level as them, and im still taller!

Then we went to the movie, New in Town :) Aw man, i love chick flicks haha. We all loved this movie! which is surprising a little bit, because i hated Harry Connick Jr. in p.s. I love you, but he is lots cuter in this movie! It was funny, and different, and I loved it. Which is good, cause the last movie I went to, He's just not that into you, was a complete disappointment. I didn't really like it all that much. So go see New in Town!

After the Movie, we were all starving, so in order to complete our GNO, we chowed down on ice cream, cinnamon sugar toast and other unhealthy but delicious foods. Because what GNO is complete without ice cream!

Then at like 1 am, we decided to be rebellious and jump the fence to the hot tub, because that sounded like fun. (they close at 10... so lame)
climbing the dangerous fence! I had to document the struggles of the short legged ones haha. But man, those spike things aren't comfortable even for me, and i have long legs! Look at chels's face, i'm pretty sure she was in the process of saying OUCH!

lauren moments before she got stuck. Our breaking and entering wasn't very discreet! It took us atleast 10 minutes to get over the fence :D

our, "I can't believe we're so rebellious faces"

And then conveniently, some guys decided to jump the fence too, so we made them take our picture haha. Sheesh so unfair though! it took them like 5 seconds each to get over the fence!
lauren, me, kris, chels

Then we got hot, so we decided to be brave and dive in the unheated pool.. it was FREEZING!
the toe test did not prepare me..
i'll admit it... I definitely screamed haha

By the time we left the hot tub, lots of other people had shown up so apparently the 10 pm rule isn't very enforced at Branbury :P

our "mission successfully completed" faces
love self timer :) and this is officially my fav. pic of the night. and I really did accidently kick lauren in the face... woops! haha i love that her face was caught on camera

then we were off to walmart, to buy cereal and milk! so i dont starve next week :) me and kris took a pic cause we realized we were matching, but opposite

And that concludes the GNO. It was a good one, one that will be remembered forever. Happy Birthday sis! Thanks for giving us all an excuse to party together! I love you :)