Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tiff's Bridal Shower

Yesterday was my long time BFF's bridal shower! Me and tiff have literally grown up together! First in our ward in Orem from the time we were infants, to the time her family moved to England and I moved to Lindon. But 3 yrs later she moved back to the USA and into my ward in Lindon! So basically we know each other REALLY well :) But anyways, me and ash savage one of my other bf.f's along with one of Tiff's roommates from last year, Kaitie, just HAD to throw her a shower. Isn't that pretty much like best friend code or something? I dunno haha but thank you to everyone who came! It was so good to see all of you again! Many of you I haven't seen since high school! It really was so good to catch up, and i know it meant alot to tiff to have you guys there. :) Here are some pics from the big event...
sarah, tiff, and vanessa :)

tiff during the "how well do you know jake game!" haha.
If she got any of the questions wrong, we threw gum at her and she had to chew it :) lol.
I may or may not have thrown in some really unfair questions just to make it funnier...

sarah, vanessa, megan, alyssa, jody, and austi during the game

one of her gifts haha.... oh gosh gotta love bridal showers. I love the VanDeMerwe est. 2009 sign though! it was so cute! :)

ash, me, and kaitie :) the hosts.

yum... look at all that gum haha

most of the girls that made it to the shower :)
top row: Sarah, Alyssa, Jody, Tiff, Ash, Mandy, Kaitie, and Vanessa
bottom row: me, austi, megan, and megan :)

the younguns :) brooke, megan, and kris

the sistas! Me tiff and Ash are best friends, and so are kris, brooke, and megan :)
apparently black was the color of choice for the bridal shower... haha
Ash & Brooke. . . Tiff & Megan. . . Kris & Me!

The shower seemed to be a success although we definitely over shot on food :P And our slideshow didn't go as planned but oh well! Thanks again to those who came, and thank you to the Savage's for letting us use your house :)

oh and here is a pic of tiff and jake just cause i think they're cute together :) and because she doesn't have a blog... much to my dismay.

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