Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Sub for Santa Auction

So I have been meaning to write about my weekend but due to it being the week before finals, i haven't really had much time for such things BUT... well i am so sick of doing homework and studying right now, that im taking a well deserved break!

This last Friday and Saturday was our ward christmas party/sleepover at Timp Lodge in Sundance. One of the main events before we partied all night long was the sub for santa auction. Which is basically everyone auctioned off their services and all the money earned went to the sub for santa program. These services ranged from making dinner for someone else, to cleaning someone's bathroom, to drum lessons, to a date with a certain person and so on and so forth. The 2 things that were auctioned that made the most money were, a snowmobiling trip for 3 girls and 3 guys with our first counselor in the bishopbric and his wife. (The girls auctioned off at 195$, and the guys spots were auctioned off at $465!) and Tandem skydiving with this guy in my ward (went for $45 dollars) Me and my roommate chels, and our friend from the ward kara were bidding for the 3 girls spots on the snowmobiling trip, but well... we're not made of money! since we're all saving for things like cars and study abroads we stopped bidding once it got to 195 so the other 3 girls that were bidding won. But thats alright because i started bidding on tandem skydiving and won at $45 dollars! I was not expecting to win at all! but it turns out nobody wants to jump out of a plane and the other 2 people that were bidding were just trying to bid me up to raise money for sub for santa :P so this next spring when it gets warm, this is what im going to be doing!!!!!

Isn't that so exciting! I figure I have to do these things while i am young! And skydiving is definitely on my "bucket list" so i am so excited! Now some of you might be thinking... "but ash? i thought you were afraid of heights.." well yes, i am! But ya know im not gonna let that stop me from jumping out of a plane! :D Woo hoo! i am so excited! you have no idea haha.

The rest of the night we had a huge karaoke/dance party which you know im bound to love that sorta thing.. haha and there was a lot of ping pong tables, and fooz ball tables so it was actually a ton of fun :) It was a nice little escape before this week which has already been VERY long.
The only pic taken of the whole weekend though was this one...
I climbed into the back of Jon's car saturday morning because i couldn't find my keys and i gave up cause i was too tired to search my brain for where i put them haha. luckily chels looks after me, found my keys and then documented my temporary napping spot. anyways that is all. I am going skydiving! but now i better get back to the never ending list of studying i need to do :P


Leslie said...

That is so excited you won the sky diving. I went sky diving a few years ago and it's the funnest thing I have ever done!

Ashley said...

yay! thats good to know! :D Cause at the greenwood christmas party everyone kept telling horror stories of peoples parachutes that didn't open... which kinda put a damper on my excitement. so now im excited again lol.