Saturday, December 13, 2008

I heart Saturdays :)

So today me and chels didn't get to sleep in because we went to our friend Karen's bridal shower. yeah you heard me right, a BRIDAL SHOWER!!!! We all lived together in David John hall 3100 our freshman year. I cant believe how many of my friends are getting married these days :P weird.. anyways that was all fun and games but THEN just as we were leaving the bridal shower, it started snowing!!! I am usually not the biggest fan of snow, but its been cold lately anyways so it might as well snow :) that way lake powell wont be empty this summer, and that way me and the roommies can have snowball fights! So when we got home the first thing we did was check the mail because us girls are always expecting mail :P and i got a letter from my most favorite missionary :) haha today is a good day :D And then me and chels decided to do our most unfavorite activity together and take out the trash!

we were practicing our santa clause skills for the future :D

funny story about chels's "santa bag". lol well it was a REALLY heavy bag of trash and we both tried to throw it over the gate to the big dumpster twice! but the bag fell apart after the 2nd time and we gave up all hope. It was really heavy haha i just wish i had a video of us trying to throw it over :P

me jumping. chels is a great photographer

It took me like 10 times to catch her jumping and this was the best i got lol

roommate love! :D

Anyways I gotta get some studying done before i head off to work, have a great day everyone!!

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Casey said...

ha are such a dancer. that jumping in the snow pose gives it away