Friday, December 19, 2008

home for the holidays!

Well folks i am officially back in lindon :) YAY! And I seem to have made it through finals alive! woot woot, not quite sure yet how my grades survived this term but i guess we will see... As for now I am going to not think one school related thought until after new years!

chels, me, and holly before finals on Tuesday. They were both already 1/3 of the way done with their finals but I was just about to take my first. My body decided that the perfect week to be sick was the week of finals... so i was in bed all day on monday :P My favorite part about being sick was how holly would follow me around the house and clorox everything i touched :P so funny! It almost made being sick worth it lol.

But we all survived the long days in the library and the hours in the testing center and now its christmas break! Last night was mine and chels's last night together for 3 weeks! well... 2 and 1/2, but thats a long time! so we decided to make the most of it. Holly and Mandy had already headed back to Salt Lake for the break, so they had to miss out on the festivities :( but they were with us in spirit lol. I finished finals late last night and chels's flight didn't leave until today so last night we got to party together! First things first we had to use up all the eggs :P cause they were bound to go bad before we return in january. We thought we only had 4 eggs left, but it turns out that because the phantom egg giver (holly, or better known to some as mama duck) had bestowed us with her 3 left over eggs, we now had 7! So we ate a plethora of eggs and chocolate chip pancakes! I dont think i'll have eggs again anytime soon :P

I was in charge of the chocolate chip pancakes

chels was in charge of the eggs!

Then after our midnight snack of eggs and pancakes we watched 13 going on 30! Nothing like snugglin during a chick flick ;) haha ok so we didn't really snuggle much. In fact I am not sure why me, chels, and holly watch so many chick flicks in the first place! Half the time we just look at each other and burst into tears cause we miss our boys lol. its really quite pathetic haha but we L-O-V-E our chick flicks :D Then this morning, me and chels cleaned the house and got all packed and ready to go! Then we stood in the cold for like 30 minutes waiting for chels's shuttle ride to the airport to pick her up. After 5 minutes in the cold, we quickly resorted to taking pictures to keep us distracted! I HATE the cold! especially when im all snuffleupagused :P

chels waitin for the shuttle with her 2 super heavy and large bags :D she is like me. we're not very good at traveling light. I feel like i moved all of my stuff home for only 3 weeks :P

Then a nice stranger walked past and offered to take a picture of the both of us!

me and chels chels!

I will miss my roomies!! They really have become my family this year :) See you in 3 weeks girls! or until our super fabulous sleepover Mama Duck ;)


Holly and Rose said...

Ah you guys, I'm sad I missed the pancake and eggs party :( But I'm glad you made good use of my eggs :) Miss you!

Doublebanker said...

Ran across your blog through a friend of a friend. Good looking layout & photography. Winter break is good to see your old friends, but bad in missing your new ones.

Chelsea Smith said...

oooh man, sooo i tried to make eggs on christmas morning, i dont know how i forgot to tell you this, but anyway, my dad didnt feel like using a new pan, so we poured the eggs into the pan taht had just been used for the smokies, so they got all brown and looked absolutey disgusting! i dont know how i ate some! ours were WAY better!

yes said...