Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Break!

ok ok... i admit it. I've been holding out on all ya'll. I have a confession to make. The past month I have been dating this pretty cool guy named Ki (well technically Kiley Martin Jensen but I call him Ki). Why have I been hesitant to share this piece of information with you all? Well because I know that most, if not ALL of the readers of my blog are quite attached to Wes. My family, his family, all our friends... but I promise you'd all like Ki too. And just so everyone isn't all worried that I'm leading boys on or anything. Wes knows about Ki, and has no choice but to accept the fact that I am dating other people (since he told me to/we both knew I would eventually) and Ki knows about Wes. But anyways I just had to spill the beans because, this is after all my only form of a journal, and I am thinking by the end of this blog post it was going to be pretty obvious anyways. But now that my confession is out in the air and all the technicalities are taken care of I can now move on to the actual blog post :)

Last week when Ki called me inviting me along on a spontaneous camping trip, I didn't have to think about it very long before I consented to go. Even though now I am quite behind in most my classes, my self proclaimed spring break trip was AMAZING. We (and by we i mean... Me, Ki, Ki's roommate Luke, and Luke's fiance Sarah) all left Tuesday night for Yuba lake where we were planning on camping. However when we finally made it to Yuba Lake at 9:50 the gate to the campground was locked even though it was supposed to be open until 10:00 (slacker ranger) so we drove around for at least a good hour trying to figure a way to get to the campground without actually going through the gate. Thanks to Luke's offroading capable subaru and his navigation thing, and after driving past many large herds of cows we finally made our way to one of the campsites on the other side of the lake that was closed. It was great! we were out there all alone, just us and the lake (and the tent and our plethora of food of course). It was good to get away, I had forgotten how fun camping can be! And now for the pics... (of course!)

The campsite

just sitting around the campfire waiting for the best hotdogs i've ever eaten in my life to be done :)
Sarah and Luke

Then on Wednesday morning when we woke up we went on a little hike to supposedly see painted rocks. We were hoping there was hieroglyphics but apparently it was just a metaphor of some sort. But it turned out all right, we just hiked up a mountain like indians instead. We all agreed (except for Ki) that being an indian would be way cooler then being a cowboy. After the hike we then drove to Meadow to swim in the hot springs. The deepest part of the hot springs went down 28 feet and opened up into like an underground cavern. Their was a 50 yr old man that swam all the way down to the bottom to show us how it was done and then we all gave it a million shots. In the end Ki was the only other person besides the 50 yr old man that could swim to the bottom and pick up a rock. The rest of us only made it about maybe 18 ft. Even though me and Luke are both lifeguards there is just something really freaky about swimming through an enclosed space, with volcanic rock on either side of you. It was painful! we all got some pretty good cuts from accidently kicking or hitting the rock with our arms and legs as we tried to swim down. not to mention if you dont release the preasure from your ears several times on the way down it KILLS your ears :P
Luke being a "ninja gangsta" at the top of our little hike at painted rocks

Me and Ki trying to keep our eyes open long enough to take a picture haha

In Ki's words, I had it easy on the hike haha.

The hot spring. the water was so so clear!

Me after my hundreth attempt to successfully swim to the bottom

Sarah, Luke, Ki, and Me after swimming in the hot spring forever and turning into prunes.

then we took a walk on the beach to look for fire wood :)

Luke and Sarah are cute together :)

luke's firewood

breaking the firewood so we can have a "man fire" not a fashion fire according to Luke and Ki.

the sunset was beautiful :) But unfortunately all good things must come to an end. I had class on Thursday so we had to leave Thursday morning. and that is the end of my self proclaimed spring break haha.


Casey said...

yeah, we're kind of partial to wes, but jensens are cool too! it's good to do some serious dating to figure out what's right for you. i hope you're surviving the last couple of weeks of school. i *thought* i was 2 classes shy of graduating since taking my last classes many years ago. jeff looked at my transcripts, and figured out that i could've graduated at least 4 years ago. it's soooo nice to be done with that. (i don't think byu should give me the degree though, since i couldn't figure out that i had completed everything for graduation) duuuur....anyways, good luck!

Alyssa said...

Ashley! You have def. been holding out on us! Yes, we love Wes but its good to date other people! He looks cute and nice and I am way jealous that you got to go camping. I am really ready for the summer to start so I can get going on the fun stuff that goes along with summer time!

Ashley said...

oh good :) im glad you all understand! Lyss I cant BELIEVE you are on your way to europe in like 15 days! that is so freaking crazy! And Casey, that is so awesome that you graduated and didn't know! lol sounds exactly like something i would do :D and thanks I think i'll survive the rest of school although I cant wait for it to end!

Heather said...

ASH! I love you! I'm happy for you! I love your photos and it looks like you're having a blast with Ki! :) We need to play SOON! What days do you work? Love you lots! Call me when you have time! :)