Wednesday, January 7, 2009

hecticness of life :)

Wow. Life has been really crazy lately. And I am exhausted. haha and to prove my point.. me chels and holly have all been to bed before 12 the last 3 nights! that is UNHEARD of in our apartment lol.

School has been good so far. We did have an incident in actually getting to school on Tuesday though :P my car was seriously SO stuck in the snow! it took me and chels a half hour (ok maybe im exaggerating, but it felt like that long cause of the cold. it was probably only 20 minutes) to dig my car out of the snow! we seriously would've been doomed if the maintenance guy hadn't seen us struggling and come over with his shovel to help us. Our hands were getting nowhere fast in the 3 ft of snow that buried the tires of my car haha. But I learned my lesson. never park in the lot closest to our building even if it is closest.. they dont plow it and my car can by no means "rough" it enough to go off roading in the snow. Actually in any conditions for that matter haha.
Anyways, back to school. Anatomy is gonna be hard, but atleast it'll be interesting enough to make me want to put forth the effort :D im a little bit worried about Statistics but.. well.. i'll be fine. Stress Management should be a breeze, D&C i have the same teacher as last semester whom i loved. Then there is public speaking... what can i say. The first class was last night, and me and chels are terrified! ah! wes predicts it'll be my favorite class by the end of the semester, i have a hunch he'll be wrong :D I was also able to get into the advanced jazz class even though its super full (cause i know the teacher) I wasn't able to get into Ballroom though :( . oh well. maybe next year?

Well. Although it has been busy it has been good. Good to be reunited. Even though chels's plane got delayed and she didn't get in until 1 am that didn't stop her from throwing open her suitcase in our front room and giving us the 411 on all her new christmas clothes!
its christmas morning all over again!

I shall now post my unfortunate "Tredmill Story of the Year". So over christmas break, i had great intentions to go running every day, but well.. the snow wasn't exactly cooperating. Some suggested driving to the smith fieldhouse, some said to brave the cold, Jon said to go tredmill style. I said that I hated tredmills, and that i always felt like i was going to trip and fall to my death. he said "but ash, only 1 in 100 times does someone trip on a tredmill." I guess i was the chosen one. But for the record. It was the remote controls fault. If it hadn't fallen off the top of the tredmill, I wouldn't have had to attempt to save it. Of course it didn't occur to me, that it'd be fine if i didn't save it... these things just happen so fast. next thing you know BAM! I'm half on the ground, half on the tredmill, and my knees hurt haha. Well if any of you are wondering what happens when you fall on a treadmill, this is what happens...

And now for some items of business. some people have gotten in the habit of calling Me, Chels, And Holly things such as the trio. or the three musketeers. And we are now requesting, due to the recent weather, that you call us the 3 eskimos. We think its more suiting at the moment because this is how we look any time we go outside...
our hoods are a little big haha.

the 3 eskimos.

oh yeah. and i locked my keys in my car today. now THAT was a lot of fun.. haha oh geez.


Heather said...

Oh man, Ash! I"m so sorry about your tredmill experience! That looks painful! I hope you're doing alright! I sure miss ya! Love you lots! :)

kiwi moss said...

AHSLEY!!!!! i miss you.
you should come over and see us. and we are jealous of that blanket that you got and we didn't. but it is ok. I MISS You!!