Sunday, January 25, 2009

birthday shout-out :)

Two of my most favorite people had birthdays this week woot woot! On Tuesday Chels turned 20 leaving her teen years behind her! and on Wednesday my lil baby shay shay turned 10! entering into the double digits of life haha. For Chels's birthday bash, we dined at Applebee's and then feasted on cake! (store bought of course. we dont get out of school until 6:30 on Tuesdays which doesn't leave much time for cake baking :P)
the three of us :)

the beautiful birthday girl

the trusty self timer haha. me, hol, chels, and brad

chels says this picture perfectly displays each of our personalities.
brad: has no idea what is going on
me: well i'm just being crazy like usual..
chels: is making things awkward
and holly is the one feeling awkward!

this picture is borderline scary. wait a sec.. what am i talking about? it IS scary lol.
I'm trying to be manly, and brad is trying to be feminine...
needless to say neither of us pulled it off.

Happy Birthday Chels! Your the bestest roommate ever :) You're sweet, scarcastic, crazy, and have more patience with me then anyone! not to mention you keep track of the locations of both my phone AND my keys! you're indispensable and i love you mucho!

Now for my baby Shay shay's shout out! What can I say, i can't believe she is already 10! thats how old i almost was when she was born :) she was my real life doll and i loved being her second mom! Shay is always my partner in crime when it comes to dancin, singin, or being crazy around the house. she is full of sass and spunk, but has one of the biggest hearts out there :) and she is ALWAYS good for a hug or a snuggle lol. Happy Birthday bugga boo!
me and my buggaboo back when i was still tan haha.

me and my baby sis!

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