Tuesday, July 28, 2009

We're Engaged!!!

The rumors are true! We are engaged :) Sorry it has taken me so long to get this post on the blog, but its difficult to find time! Enough of my eager readers have bugged me about getting it up here however, so I am finally obliging :) ...speaking of people bugging me to get this post up on the blog... I never knew so many people read my blog! ya'll should think about commenting more often ;) who knows... maybe it might motivate me to update my blog more lol. So leave a comment every once and awhile you silent blog stalkers! Just so I know you're out there on the other side of cyber space. We're all friends right?

Now first off, I have to publicly repent for the many times I voiced how crazy I thought people were who got engaged quick. I have realized my error. When its right its right. It just happens different for everyone :)

Mine and Ki's first date was to a Jazz game on Feb. 24th and things since then have pretty much been a whirlwind. We hit it off from the get go. (hence... the quick engagement) After our first date we started seeing each other every single day. It SCARED me how much I liked him after the first date. I seem to remember coming home from that date and telling my roommates that I was scared to let myself date Ki because I had this feeling that I would fall in love with him (I wasn't really looking to get married at the time... who is? right?) Then I remember Holly asking me why I was freaking out. It had only been one date, and we weren't even actually "dating" yet. Well... lets just say I had this unexplainable feeling that I was going to fall for him! I had been on first dates before and they had never EVER felt like that. So I guess thats how it all started. The rest is history. We started talking about getting married at the beginning of the summer and at the end of June Ki was being so SO fishy and secretive whenever he wasn't working that I just knew he was doing research on rings and looking around. Yep you read correctly, Ki picked out my ring all by himself (he wanted it to be a complete surprise) Go ahead... be impressed :) I know I was!

Then the first week in July he unexplainably woke up a good 3 hrs before usual so he could "see if he would have more energy during the day if he woke up early" But I was a little suspicious because I know he loves sleeping in more then anything... and then I was really suspicious of his real reasons for coming in the office early when he just fell asleep on the office couch. Then when I was on the phone with one of the installers, my suspicions were confirmed when there was a knock on the door. Ki whom I had previously thought was asleep sprang off the couch and hurried outside the door. Thats when I KNEW he must've had the diamond for my ring shipped to the office. Why else would he jump up and run to the door and sneakily sneak outside when earlier he had been completely lifeless... I've never seen anyone get to a door that quick lol. But when he came back in the door I pretended as if his actions had been completely normal and that I was completely clueless of what was going on... but really from then on I was observing Ki's every move... maybe even being a titch too snoopy for my own good haha. So when he told me a few days later that we were going to take the next Saturday off I totally thought he was going to propose! In fact I told everyone I knew that it was coming lol. Ki must've sensed that I was on to him because he then told me the day before Saturday that he was having a lot of trouble picking out my wedding band, and that maybe I should help him after all so that I would like it for sure. He said we should go ring shopping on the following Monday. He also said that the reason we were taking the day off was because he wouldn't be able to take days off once he took over as Manager of the office starting the following week. I was kinda bummed that they were all such good excuses, because I had been SO sure that he was going to propose the coming weekend but I quickly got over it.

Saturday arrived, and I found out that Ki had rented a car for us and planned for us to go to Nauvoo for the day since I had never been before. I thought it was a brilliant idea because I've been wanting to go ever since I've been out here, and on the way to Nauvoo I couldn't help thinking that it was too bad he didn't have my ring yet. In Nauvoo we had the most amazing day ever! It was so cool to get tours of all the historic church sites but our favorite one by far had been when we went through the little brick yard. It was just us and the grandpa missionary on this particular little tour and he told us some amazing things! And he talked with such a strong spirit about him, it was really really neat. He told us that a brick has to be made in the right place in just the right way and at the right temperature otherwise when storms came the brick would just dissolve into mud. Then he said just like this brick your marriage and family have to be made in just the right way if they are going to last forever. I was shocked because neither Ki nor myself had even mentioned to him that we were planning on getting married, and I didn't have a ring on my hand to give anything of that sort away. It was so special and the whole time he was talking I was practically in tears. Then he gave us a brick to keep in our house to help us remember everything that he told us that day, and to constantly remind us to put our marriage and Heavenly Father first in our lives and that everything else would fall in to place if we did that. After we left the brickyard I found myself again thinking "its too bad he doesn't have my ring yet... it would be so perfect if he proposed today."

After we had gotten our touring in for the day, we went to dinner and the whole time we were eating Ki was unusually quiet and in his own little world. But I quickly attributed that to the fact that he was tired from walking around all day. After dinner we still had about 45 minutes until the Nauvoo Pageant was going to start so we decided to walk around the Nauvoo temple grounds. Then we were watching the sunset and looking at the view from the Nauvoo temple when he asked if I would remember that day forever, to which I replied yes of course I will. Then I told him I loved him and that I always would to which he turned to me and said I'm going to love you forever too... And thats what I told your dad this morning when I was talking to him on the phone.... HELLO!!! THIS IS WHEN I STARTED FREAKING OUT! He says my eyes got all big when I realized he was proposing, and then when I said are you serious? He got down on one knee and proposed :) to which I of course said YES! And then I was crying (seriously how could I not... ya'll know me... i'm such a baby) haha it was funny he was shaking so bad, and I was so caught off guard that my hand was shaking when he put the ring on my finger. Then after we were officially engaged we walked around the temple more and just talked about everything he talked to my dad about and everything my dad told him. We talked about the future and you know... all the lovey dovey stuff everyone always talks about when they get engaged :) It was the perfect moment, and so so special! I am so glad he had my ring after all! I was so freaking giddy during the Nauvoo Pageant I couldn't even concentrate for like the first half hour, but eventually I calmed down enough to focus. It was a marvelous day. And thats the story of the engaging! Sorry for the ultra long post. congratulations if you made it all the way through! And now of course the pictures :)
and so the adventure begins! We loved having a car for a day!

Illinois and I welcome you!

Ki in front of the Post Office

outside the brickyard with our special little brick!

Me in front of the temple. Ki was stalling, so we were taking pictures.. lol

now Ki in front of the temple :)

and of course a pic of the both of us in front of the Nauvoo temple! about a half hour before he proposed :)

Sorry for the lack of pictures after the engagement... unfortunately since we were too busy being ecstatic and happy that we were engaged!!! we didn't take any "we're engaged! pictures" after the fact. Plus we couldn't really take any good ones anyways since it was dark outside because he waited until sunset to pop the question.

but of course we finally got a decent one of the ring :)

oh yeah. I almost forgot to mention that we will be getting married on October 9th at 9 am in the Mt. Timpanogas Temple! yay! Be there or be square... or just somewhere else... haha we obviously won't be sending announcements out for awhile since we are in Iowa and won't be getting our engagement pics taken until after we get back on August 23rd, but be watching for the inevitable facebook group invitation if you want an announcement!


Lyss said...


Congrats! That is a way cute story! Definitely one to remember!

Megan said...

That is so cute Ash! I love your ring, it's very pretty!

Katya said...

oh my gosh, congratulations!!! that is a great engagement story :) and your ring is gorgeous!

kylie said...

ash, that's so so so cute! congratulations again!

Jody Lynn said...

oh yay! great story! and of course the ring is beautiful! :) congratulations!

amanda and dave said...

yay! such a cute story. Oh, I know EXACTLY how you feel. I snooped into everything dave did for weeks when I knew IT was coming (you can read my post..from last december). yeah. a girls mind is crazy


Mandy Owens said...

I'm pretty sure taking you to Nauvoo to propose is the cutest thing ever! I'm so happy for you congratulations!!

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

yeah, yeah, yeah. Blah blah. So the bottom line is that you're off the market, right?

Geez. I missed my window... again.

Meagan said...

Ash I'm so excited for you!!!! You guys are so cute together!! You will love being married its the best thing ever!!

Rachel Z said...

Congratulations!! That's so exciting! I must admit I'm a bit sad you won't get to have your London adventure, but what better reason to miss it?! He seems great. Have fun with all the planning!

The Searle Family said...

Ashley!! I am so happy for you:) That was the cutest engagement story, I got goosebumps reading it. haha. You look so happy and your ring is beautiful! Congrats and I miss you tons.

Bethany Hoyt said...

Congratulations! You guys are freaking adorable together and I am so happy for you!

Dave and Amy said...

ASH!!!! I didn't know if you had realized it yet but....YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!!! Ah!! I just want to jump up and down with you and hug you and start talking and talking like girls do when they get excited! I was so SHOCKED when I looked at your blog and saw "it's true, we're engaged" Oh man I am so excited and happy for you. You have to send me an invitation and I will for sure come. Ugh, it's going to be so pretty. Love you girl. congrats! This is the most exciting time ever. soak it up. :)

Dave and Amy said...

oh and your ring is so pretty Ki did a fabulous job.

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