Monday, June 22, 2009


Dear Mother Nature,

Was I complaining about the rain? I am deeply regretful. You can send the rain down anytime you want. It is infinitely better then 108 degrees coupled with humidity! And clearly, the fact that my air conditioner decided to break during this heat streak is bad karma for complaining about the abundant rain of the past month. I have learned my lesson. I shall never again be so ungrateful ...


Ashley Greenwood

SERIOUSLY people! If anyone has any brilliant ideas of how to stay cool, I am all ears! I think my body is completely drained of any fluid that once existed inside of me. And of course when I asked my apartment complex maintenance how long it would be before they could get out to fix my air conditioner they replied that I was the 29th person to call in this morning with a maintenance request for their air conditioner... perfect. So who knows how many days I will be without air conditioning. So in the meantime my apartment is sitting at a solid 83 degrees. Sigh.. I wont lie... I'm sitting here blogging in my swimsuit haha. Its much too hot to wear clothes today! :D

On a brighter note! Saturday night, Ki surprised me when he came home from selling for the day not only with 5 sales... but with a new bike for me! Meet Sylvester! My 9 dollar upgrade! 3 dollars for the bike... 6 dollars for the new grip tape :) He is infinitely better then ol' bessy. brakes are functional, he doesn't squeak up a storm and insist on embarrassing me everytime I pass another human being, and he's my very first road bike! It was love at first ride. Sylvester wasn't much of a looker when he was first brought home, but while I did all the paperwork that the sales reps brought home for the day, Ki scrubbed him down with water and a wire brush. Then he applied the new grip tape, and Sylvester looks good as new! almost :) When I went out to check on the progress of the bike, Luke (Ki's roommate) said to me, "Ash, the fact that Ki has put one hundred and eighty three percent more effort into your bike then his own goes to show what kind of a guy he is." How true! I feel lucky to have found him :) He is always thinking of me and things he can do for me. It almost makes a girl feel guilty to be treated so well! almost... :) But seriously he is the best. Not to mention that he works his tail off everyday in this unbearable heat (and i complain about the heat inside my apartment!) and continues to pull big numbers even though the rest of the office has pretty much plummeted in number of sales the past 2 weeks.

Also, i need all of ya'lls advice... this heat has pretty much eliminated my work out schedule... for you see, I have to be at the office from 7 am-3 pm and there is no way I could wake up early enough to exercise before I have to go to the office. But then I work again from 8:30-10 at night when its starting to kind of cool-off and then after that I just want to play with Ki and eat dinner! so you see... the problem is that my only free time is during the HOTTEST hours of the day. Anybody have any genius kick-butt workouts that can be done inside? Because I really need to be doing SOMETHING! I go crazy when I don't exercise... I just dont feel as good! And I've been eating so much ice cream lately (i crave it BAD in this weather haha) that i really need to be compensating for the amount of ice cream i'm consuming! come on ya'll share your secrets with a sista in need! I love and miss you all!



kylie said...

ash, the only workout i can think of that is bearable in hot weather is swimming. i don't know how close you are to a place where you can swim, though. good luck!
p.s. nice bike.

kiwi moss said...

nice bicycle! haha bike. well we miss u!

Heather said...

ASH! That's so nice of him to get you that bike! HOw sweet! Well-I don't know how to beat the heat, but I know a way to bear it! Haha! Have you ever tried Bikram Yoga? Well it's done in a room that's like a sauna and is about 100 degrees! I have done it a lot and I love it because it makes your muscles so flexable and it is really good for you to sweat out all those toxins! It's like good for your liver and all other things too! There are 26 specific poses for Bikram, but you could make up your own sequences of the yoga that you already know! :) It's worth a try! I love it! Haha! Sorry, I am not much help! I would say calisthenics would be the easiest inside as well.
Well I love your guts and I miss you! :)
Hey thanks for your comment on my blog! I wish you could've been here for the rodeo as well!

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